Shane Dawson claims fiancé Ryland Adams was possessed by a demon in his sleep

In probably one of the weirdest moments in influencer news this week, YouTuber Shane Dawson took to Instagram to claim that his fiancé, Ryland Adams, is getting possessed by a demon.

Shane Dawson has made quite a name for himself due to his highly acclaimed documentary series, having gone on deep-dives with controversial personalities like Jake Paul and Jeffree Star, and later, covering creepy conspiracy theories.

Dawson certainly has a flair for the dramatic, as noted in his divisive docuseries about Jake Paul and the purported “sociopathic” tendencies he claimed some content creators might have. This “eerie” style of video translated to his later uploads covering conspiracies (like that weird Chuck E. Cheese pizza theory).

Most recently, it looks like Shane Dawson’s latest tale involves his own relationship — but it’s decidedly far more creepy than employees putting random pizza slices together in a themed restaurant.

Instagram: shanedawson

Shane Dawson and Ryland Adams recently relocated to Colorado – and it seems that some spooky stuff is afoot in their new place.

In a few of Instagram stories published on August 17, Dawson claimed that, as he was getting into bed, fiancé Ryland Adams told his partner that he was going to die before “waking up” and seeming to have no recollection of the encounter.

It was much more unsettling than that, though, if Dawson is to be believed; the influencer went on to describe the situation in detail, and it definitely sounds like something out of a horror flick.

“He’s laying down,” Dawson began, pantomiming a sleeping Ryland, “And then I come into bed, and he goes, ‘Watch out for the balloons! You’re gonna die tonight!’ And he started laughing!”

Shane Dawson ryland
Instagram: shanedawson

YouTuber Shane Dawson shocked the internet with a seriously weird story after moving to a new home in Colorado.

“And then I said, ‘What?’ And he goes, ‘Don’t fall off the bed — you’re gonna die tonight! Watch out for the balloons, you’re gonna die!’” Dawson continued, mimicking a hysterically laughing Ryland.

“It wasn’t just creepy or scary,” he added. “It was horrifying. We were just talking about it, and how there may be a demon in his body. We might have gotten a haunted antique from an antique store. Maybe the chandelier.”

(The full story can be viewed in the Instagram post below.)

Dawson and Adams recently relocated to Colorado after the intense criticism that Dawson faced over his older content — and it looks like the couple is re-thinking their choices of antique décor.

We’ll have to wait and see if he publishes another documentary series in the style of ‘Paranormal Activity’ regarding the weirdness in his new house.

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