Shannon Calls Her Rumored Boyfriend McCollum ‘DADDY’

After breaking up with her drug arrested ex-boyfriend Geno Doak, Mama June Shannon seems to live a clean life. However, she was continuously rumored to have relationships with a few social media influencers and bloggers, mainly three in the list namely Donnie Hobbs, Jordan McCollum, and budding influencer Jay.

Meanwhile, she denied having any romantic relationship with any of them. However, there seems to be some spark between Mama June and Jordan McCollum. The lady is very optimistic about her new romance. Although the eldest daughter Anna Cardwell seems concerned about her mother’s growing relationship with the TikTok influencer McCollum.

mama june

She said “She probably thinks she’s just his best friend but she probably wants more.” Fans are curious to know what Mama June is up to. Recently, as Ibtimes reported, she called the social media star ‘DADDY’. So what made her say that? Know the Insights!

Mama June: Mama June Shannon Reacts To McCollum’s Video

The TikTok celebrity Jordan McCollum has gathered around 1.2 million followers. Recently, he shared a video rebuking his dog Nala for creating a mess in the house. To this, Mama June reacted and called herself the mama and him the daddy to Nala. “That’s mama’s baby daddy she is just a baby you know she doesn’t [sic] like being alone lol,” the reality star wrote.

Moreover, in another post where McCollum shared a funny clip of how lazy his dog is, Mama June reacted that she misses the white dog after getting back to the family. She said “Aww mama’s baby oh miss her I know she misses me. She is lazy though,”

Meanwhile, Mama June shared a picture collection video. Here she mentioned the song that she would want to get played at her wedding. She shared smiling pictures to the tunes of Shania Twain’s music ‘From This Moment On’ and asserted that one day when she finds someone who would steal her heart, this would be the song for the man.

Mama June Calls Out To Give Love A Second Chance, Is It a Hint?

Mama June recently shared a video on TikTok where she mentioned a quote about falling in love. She says that one should give a second chance to love. She captioned the video saying “Don’t be afraid to give love a chance again.”

mama june

She asserted that nobody knows when they can fall in love. Moreover, she expresses that true love is that one that stands through in all the times. It seems that she is feeling all positive about love these days.

Does this hint to her new rumored boyfriend McCollum? Do you think she has extended her boundaries of love and given it a second chance? What idea do you get by the whole Mama Daddy thing? Let us know in the comment section.


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