Sharing food on Instagram can make people fat

Sharing pictures of food on Instagram could be bad for your waistline.


A new study has revealed that it takes diners who photograph their meals longer to feel full and makes them more likely to ask for a second helping.

Researchers at Georgia Southern University in the United States split 145 students into two groups and gave them both plates of cheese crackers to nibble – but half were instructed to take a picture of their snack first.

After eating, volunteers were asked to rate how much they liked them and if they wanted more with the results showing that those who had taken pictures scoring higher in both categories.

The experts said: “Memories of food and the act of recording consumption can affect how much we eat.

“Our results indicate picture-taking leads to greater wanting of the food following consumption.

“Those seeking to eat smaller portions, especially of tempting foods that they want to cut back on, should avoid taking pictures of what they are eating.”


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