Shaun Ryder reveals encounter with ‘ramshackle spacecraft’ built by ‘Del Boy of aliens’

Happy Mondays legend Shaun Ryder stunned This Morning’s Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby by describing a 2013 enounter with a “plastic-looking” UFO.

The sighting dates from the time when Shaun was working on a TV documentary series about close encounters with extraterrestrials, and the Black Grape singer says his first thought was that the production crew were “having him over”.

As Phil laughed that the “wobbly” ramshackle spacecraft sounded like it could have been built by the “Del Boy of aliens”, Shaun said that he was worried that he could have been hallucinating.

Shaun says he’s been seeing UFOs since he was a young lad

“I had my eyes checked out,” he said, describing the craft that he says that “didn’t look as if it could handle being in a bath for half an hour”.

Shaun also revealed that his discussions with numerous scientists and experts during the making of his series has led him to believe that the military had a lot of advanced technology that the public don’t know about, and that some of it could well be derived from alien tech.

When Phil suggested that if the US Government really knew about the Pentagon’s dealings with aliens then surely Donald Trump wouldn’t have been able to resist blabbing about it Shaun grinned – “well, maybe he couldn’t be trusted with it.”

Shaun Ryder's alien encounters
‘It sounds like Del Boy’s spaceship’ said Phil

However viewer Phil, from Stoke, weighed in on Twitter, saying “Listen to Trump’s take on it – he’s doesn’t deny it – watch that interview!”

As Phillip went on to read out eye-opening stats from the Daily Star Spaced Out survey, several other viewers rang in with their own tales of alien close encounters.

Colette, who had ended up at Stonehenge after having to cancel a holiday to see the Northern Lights, saw a strange light all the same. Many viewers weren’t sure about her sighting though, suggesting that it could have simply been a flash of blue glare from her camera lens.

However former sailor Mike rang in with a much more compelling tale, saying that while he was on board a Royal Navy ship in the middle of the ocean an unexplained bright light illuminated the sea for two seconds.

Explaining that the mystery phenomenon was witnessed by several sailors on watch, and recorded in the ship’s log, he said he was convinced that phantom searchlight had been from a UFO.

Shaun listened patiently to a few more comments about how people had been fooled by Chinese Lanterns before the item ended, but he’s still sure that the truth is out there.


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