Shaun Ryder’s ADHD is so bad that he forgets how many children he has

ROCKER Shaun Ryder’s ADHD is so bad that he forgets how many children he has.

The Happy Mondays singer said his attention deficit condition meant he never learnt the alphabet or times tables because of a poor memory.


Happy Monday’s Shaun Ryder says his ADHD is so bad he forgets how many children he hasCredit: Rex

Shaun, 59, has had to do gigs with notes to help recall lyrics to his hits, such as Step On and Kinky Afro.

When asked about his children, he said: “I have four daughters. No, I don’t, I have three. I’ve got six kids — three daughters, two lads right? Hold on, I’ve got four daughters. See, this is f****** ADHD this, isn’t it?

“I get f****** up with numbers. Because of my condition, I can’t just have one thing in my head. I can’t remember s***.”

He said about lyrics: “I’d even go on Top Of The Pops with pieces of paper.

“It wasn’t until we started using autocues that I could do it proper.”

Shaun, runner-up on I’m A Celebrity in 2010, also suffers from long Covid, a year after getting the virus.

When he first had the bug, he was floored for three weeks and got hallucinations.

He has had both jabs but explained: “Every month or so I feel like I’ve got it again. And I just keep ­falling asleep.”

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