Sheila Actress Kimberlin Brown Reveals How Grandson Hayes Changes EVERYTHING!

The Bold And The Beautiful spoilers recently sparked endless controversy over the return of one unexpected character. Remember Sheila Carter, portrayed by actress Kimberlin Brown?

Well, surprise! Like the return of that wicked relative who occasionally resurfaces to stir up trouble at the family holiday gatherings, Sheila once again has returned to shock the Bold And The Beautiful world.

So what lies ahead for this woman who thrives on mischief?  Kimberlin just teased the future of Sheila on The Bold And The Beautiful. And get prepared for what you thought might happen to turn out totally wrong!

The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers – Kimberlin Brown Returns As Sheila Carter To The Bold And The Beautiful

Sheila Carter first entered our soap opera worlds in 1990, when the character showed up on both The Bold And The Beautiful and The Young And The Restless.

Actress Kimberlin Brown played Sheila in both worlds through 2006. Returning again on The Bold And The Beautiful from summer 2017 to spring 2018, Sheila then vanished from The Bold And The Beautiful.

But now that Sheila has returned, she’s shown no sign of losing her talent in stirring up trouble.

Not so coincidentally popping up amid the joy of Finn tying the knot with Steffy, Sheila stunned with her announcement that she gave birth to Finn.

What does that mean for Finn, Steffy, and others? Find out how that relationship affects the entire world of The Bold And The Beautiful below.

B&B Spoilers – How Sheila Carter Becoming Grandma To Baby Hayes Achieves Her Goal!

Kimberlin recently offered some clues about Sheila’s future on The Bold And The Beautiful to TV Insider. And her primary spoiler focuses on the tiniest member of The Bold And The Beautiful world!

But before Kimberlin gives away any secrets, let’s remember what we know.  Since Sheila gave birth to Finn, that means she’s the grandma of baby Hayes.

And it’s the latter relationship that will surprise viewers, according to Brown. As grandmother to baby Hayes, Sheila now possesses blood ties to the Forrester clan. And that link “feels great,” Kimberlin declared.

Promising “some great stuff coming up,” the actress reflected on the portrayal of Sheila as a villain.

“All Sheila ever wanted to do was to be a part of Eric’s life and be a part of the Forrester dynasty,” pointed out Brown. “Clearly, she wasn’t able to do this on her own. Now, she has a grandson [Hayes] that is related to the Forresters.”

And although the Forrest clan might not applaud Sheila achieving that goal, Kimberlin noted that Sheila’s relatives can do nothing “to change the fact that her blood is running through that baby’s veins!”

The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers – Will Sheila Carter Connect Again With Eric Forrester?

Beyond Sheila’s relationship with Finn and his family, some fans wonder if The Bold And The Beautiful will serve up a plot twist involving Eric and Sheila.

After all, given that Eric has become single following his discovery of Quinn’s infidelity, he has gotten to a particularly vulnerable time in his life. So could Eric’s split from Quinn open the door for a reunion with Sheila?


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