Shocking hair transformations prove Owow at-home keratin treatment is a must-have for frizzy hair

Haircare brand Owow is taking the beauty world by storm – and for good reason.

Fans of the brand’s at home keratin treatment are hailing it a must-have for dealing with frizzy, damaged and lacklustre hair.

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If you are longing for sleek and silky straight hair, but don’t want to fork out for expensive treatments at a salon, Owow is the ideal affordable solution.

It also lasts up to three months after just one application.

At £54.95 for a one off purchase, the home solution is a whopping five times cheaper than going to a hairdresser – and the results are no less impressive.

Shoppers can purchase directly from the Owow website and opt to purchase the twin pack for £98.90 – saving 20% off the second kit.

Or choose the subscription payment option to receive the product every 1-2 months.

The insane demand for the signature Owow Kit has resulted in the coveted hair treatment selling out numerous times.

The cult favourite product has also won over a legion of fans on social media since launching in April 2019 too.

One fan heaped praise on the wonder treatment, posting online: “I love it! I was shocked as hell when I saw the end result! I am gonna need more!”

Another added, “I swear by the product. It’s made me fall in love with my hair, which is usually so fluffy and curly and would just bounce up after being straightened.”

Others have shared their incredible results by posting impressive before and after pictures and videos.


Fans are loving the hair transformation results after using the Owow treatment at home
The home treatment is a far cheaper option than heading to the hairdresser


The home treatment is a far cheaper option than heading to the hairdresser
The Owow treatment gives you sleek, straight hair for up to three months


The Owow treatment gives you sleek, straight hair for up to three months

Speaking about the inspiration behind the brand, its female founder Georgiana Grudinschi shares: “The one thing I had become a firm adopter of was salon Keratin treatments; with my naturally frizzy hair they provided a solution I needed, albeit an expensive one.”

She adds, “I have always been hands-on; I like to do things for myself. I therefore started googling home equivalents to Keratin treatments and was surprised that even in a seemingly saturated market, there were no options available.

“I knew at this point that I must fill this market gap, I had come up with a simple idea – I knew I wanted to develop a treatment that people would use at home every few months, with minimal effort in between. And it was key that this product should be healthy and ethical.”

You can buy Owow at-home keratin treatment, priced from £54.95, at

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