Shopper finds hidden note in book accusing husband of leading a ‘double life’

A retail worker was gobsmacked to find a note inside a book at a charity shop which was originally sent by a fuming wife to her cheating husband.

Dean Cuthbert found the note in an old copy of The Best A Man Can Get by John O’Farrell in an Age UK charity shop in York.

The note was written by a woman called Sarah who sent it to her partner, Chris, who she accused of leaving a “double life” and lying to her.


The woman claimed in the letter the reason she thought her partner was working away a lot was because he was a “workaholic”.

Dean shared a snap of the note on Facebook causing an avalanche of commenters who wanted to know more about the story behind it, reports the Daily Mail.

The book was given to a charity shop


The full note read: “Chris, is this what you thought you could do with me? Lead a double life with your so-called ‘recreational relationships’.

“Leaving me completely unaware, bringing up our children, and thinking you were just a workaholic and that’s why you were away from home so much.

“What a b*****d you have been to me. Sarah.”

The note was folded inside the book The Best A Man Can Get – a novel by British author John O’Farrell who is a writer for Have I Got News For You.

The book is about a copywriter who lives a double life to escape the stresses of parenthood, but is eventually exposed.

Author John commented on the letter Dean found in the charity shop.

He said: “I think Sarah’s plan was ‘Chris will read this note and this book and then feel shame’ and Chris just thought ‘Oh, she gave me a book. Well that can go straight to the charity shop…’

“I had the double life idea for that book as a sort of metaphor for how fathers of young kids are suddenly very busy at work when babies come along.

“But it seems like someone was doing it literally!”

People worried about what became of Sarah
People worried about what became of Sarah
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Dean, who found the note added: “I must admit at first I thought it was strange.

“I thought it might have been a free gift in a promotional book but the author himself was so surprised I thought not.”

Captioning the snap on Facebook, Dean said: “Bought a book from a charity shop.

“The gist of the story is of a bloke living a double life of sorts.

“Imagine my surprise when I found this. Someone has been in Sarah’s bad books.”

And over 600 people liked and commented on the post.

“I hope her revenge didn’t end there,” one person said.

Another added: “Poor Sarah, wonder what happened next?”

And, a third noted: “Two sides to every story.”

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