Shopper left in stitches at note owner leaves on door after going for lunch

The hilarious note went viral on social media, with many asking for directions to the antique shop so they could visit the store, as many praised the owner’s jokey tone

A shop owner’s cheeky note after popping out for lunch has gone viral after leaving a customer in stitches.

While most shoppers might feel irritated to turn up and find a store is closed, this note set a lot of people at ease.

It seems antique store owner Steve has no problem getting to the point – with the note making things extremely clear.

In beautiful cursive handwriting, the note said: “Darlings – Had to run to a luncheon, but I’ll be back around 3. Fingers crossed that the food is good – god knows the company won’t be – Steve.”

The note went viral



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A woman shared the note on Twitter, adding: “I saw this note on the door of an antique shop I tried to go to today.”

One person commented: “The whole time I was reading this I was imagining an 80-year-old lady, and then it was signed “Steve.”

Another wrote: “Steve is a treasure! I am now invested! I want to know if the food at the luncheon was better than the company!”

A third added: “That’s the best ‘we will return sign’ I’ve ever seen!! I don’t visit many antique shops but now I’d like to check this out.”

Others admitted that they couldn’t read the note due to the owner’s handwriting.

“My 4 steps while reading this: 1. Skim over it for the words I could read to get the general idea 2. Go back and try the harder words with my general knowledge of the situation

“3. Get stuck on what a “luncheox” is and what “fergers croned” means 4. My brain starts working again,” wrote one person.

Another joked: “It’s obvious from the replies that there will be a day when cursive has been forgotten, and then used as code for top secret info bc nobody can read it anymore.”

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