Shopper mortified after ‘banging’ Pretty Little Thing cycling shorts make her ‘look like Simon Cowell’

A WOMAN has been left feeling like Simon Cowell after apparently buying black cycling shorts from Pretty Little Thing.

The shorts looked nothing like she expected and were so big she could pull them all the way up to her bust.


A woman was left shocked when her Pretty Little Thing cycling shorts arrivedCredit: TikTok/@povheath

The woman posted the video of her trying on the shorts to TikTok, under the username ‘povheath’.

In the video, she showed a model modelling the cycling shorts, which she says she got from Pretty Little Thing for £10.

The shorts were originally £12 but are now on sale.

While the woman had hoped the shorts would look similar on her when they arrived, it wasn’t quite what she had hoped for.

Molly-Mae recently signed a huge seven figure fashion deal to become the creative director of the brand and people have been sharing their purchases online since the news.

She captioned the video: “I do love you Molly but I’ve just been catfished.”

She said: “This is a customer announcement for either Pretty Little Thing or Molly-Mae.

“I purchased these shorts, now this woman looks absolutely banging.

“Look at them on me.

“Now I’m sorry, but I look like Simon Cowell.”

The woman shows off the huge shorts, as she is able to pull them up all the way to her chest.

She adds: “For extra clarification I’m 5”9 yes I do have a different body to the model but unless she is 7” there’s no need for them to be that long.”


The video has racked up 636.8k views and 45.1k likes.

It has almost 1,000 comments and 1,531 shares.

One person commented: “This is my new favourite video.”

Another added: “Something has gone somewhere!”

A third posted: “They took high waisted to a whole new level.”

However, many TikTok users commented that this kind of experience is normal when purchasing clothes from Pretty Little Thing, with many expressing the problems they often face.

One person said: “I always send everything back from PLT, just decided to stop ordering from there. Either the material is poor or nothing fits properly!”

Another added: “PLT the biggest scam, I’m done with them. I’ve returned all my items twice.”

A third said: “Yeah I get it but I’ve never had clothes that have looked even remotely close on me compared to the models…isn’t that normal?”

The woman shared a TikTok of her wearing the shorts that she could pull up over her bust


The woman shared a TikTok of her wearing the shorts that she could pull up over her bustCredit: TikTok/@povheath

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