Shoppers baffled by what clothing brand Shein considers an XL

ONE SHOPPER has shared her outrage as a size 10 cardigan she was looking to buy is labelled a size XL.

Taking to social media to share her anger, the woman said she was disgusted to see the sizing when shopping on the online store, Shein.


The cardigan was labelled XL for size 10Credit: Shein
The sizing has left viewers baffled


The sizing has left viewers baffledCredit: Shein

The woman took to her Twitter account to share the size guide she screengrabbed, captioning her post “Guys look at these f*****g sizes.”

The post, which has over 21k likes and 712 shares, has received many comments from equally annoyed viewers.

One person commented: “XL in Penneys (Primark) is an 18. Where is this shop?! XL is a 10? Wtf? I’m plus size & XL or 2 XL is grand, material depending. FS no wonder I hate myself so much.”

Another said: “12-14 is not a large lady, by any stretch. Anything 10 and under is small in my eyes.”

Some argued that perhaps this was a mistake and it was meant to be Asian or US sizes, but other’s pointed out it was clearly marked size UK.

“I believe it is Asian sizes just converted,” said one woman,

Another counteracted this comment with “I was gonna say it could be Asian sizes but it literally says size UK.”

Responding to the many comments the original poster @pixiepie02 said “Size does not define you, keep going, you’ve got this.”

Fabulous Digital has contacted Shein for a comment.

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The woman was disgusted with the sizes


The woman was disgusted with the sizes
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