Shoppers crack up as Halloween decoration features X-rated font mistake

Brits cracked up this morning after a shopper spotted a Halloween decoration with a cheeky font mistake on the front.

We all love a browse around homeware stores when we nip into town, but one item gave a Reddit user a shock.

They took a snap of a cute black cat decoration, which was out for spooky season.

The wooden object, which came with a twine bow, caused them to look again as on first glance it appeared to say “F**k or Treat” in red or white.

But, it was all just an X-rated mistake as the curly font.

On closer examination, the decoration actually said “Trick or Treat”. As to be expected in October.

Would you buy this decoration?

The chuckle-worthy image quickly went viral with over 2,200 people liking the post.

In the comments, one person said: “The year is 2021, the world got weird after 2020.

“Halloween has turned into door to door dogging, there are no sweets to be seen.”

“The designer didn’t give a trick,” laughed another.

A third noted: “I would totally buy a few of these,” and a fourth said: “Whoever designed this knew exactly what they were doing.”

We're not sure this item is for the kids
We’re not sure this item is for the kids

While the Reddit poster attributed the cat decoration to B&M, when approached on Twitter the shop denied it was their product.

The B&M Stores Twitter account said: “As much as we’d love to claim this, it isn’t one of ours!”

Other social media users speculated that the decoration could be found at The Range.

Wherever its from, it would be bound to turn heads if you hung it in your window!

What’s your favourite part of Halloween? Tell us in the comments…


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