Shoppers race to Matalan’s new home section to bag their range full of bargain kitchen, bathroom and storage buys

HIGH street chain Matalan has a new home collection and shoppers are obsessed with the bargain bits.

One TikTok user posted what she found in her local Matalan and it looks like we need a trip there ASAP.


Matalan’s new home collection has proved popular with many shoppersCredit: TikTokorganisedbyem

Emma Roberts, from Birmingham, regularly posts home finds and organisation tips to her TikTok account ‘organisedbyem’.

Emma posted a video to her TikTok account, showing off the new Matalan buys with the caption ‘All the storage @shopmatalan’.

She said: “Come shop the homeware section in Matalan with us.

“We popped into Mataln today and found so many great things in the homeware section.

“I’d never thought of going there to get fridge containers but they had absolutely loads and also this cutlery tray.”

The fridge containers are just £3 and the cutlery organiser just £5.

Emma continued: “Loved this cleaning bottle” – which is just £2.50 and it’s super cute.

She said: “And this is a medicine and plasters box, like the one I have from HomeSense.”

This medicine box comes in at £8, which for the size is a great price.

There’s another gorgeous box in the collection, as Emma said: “Love this box, perfect for storing all your cleaning products in.

“A fridge mat is always super handy” and this one is only £5.

She said: “Loved all of this bathroom stuff.

“We’re about to have a monochrome bathroom so I’m very excited.

“There was so much storage, these are like the Skubbs from Ikea, they’re great.

“There was 20% off all this storage stuff – brilliant!”


Clearly the video has impressed numerous people as it has racked up over 37.9k views.

It has 1,065 likes, 29 comments and 78 shares.

One person said: “That’s my local Matalan and I’ve neglected it since Primark opened up!! I need a trip there this weekend now!! Thank you.”

Another added: “That’s some great bits in there!”

A third commented: “Wow, that’s so good.”

With 20% off storage - how could you go wrong?!


With 20% off storage – how could you go wrong?!Credit: TikTokorganisedbyem

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