Should Rachel have taken Jose back? Fans say ‘no’

MAFS Rachel seems conflicted. Pic credit: Lifetime

Married at First Sight’s Rachel and Jose San Miguel were the dream team until they weren’t. While the two started off strong, a recent fight drove a major wedge between the two, a wedge that fans say should have stayed put.

Fans say Rachel shouldn’t have taken Jose back

In this week’s episode, Rachel was blissful in her meeting with Pastor Cal, as she gushed that Jose was the man of her dreams. But Pastor Cal brought up the elephant in the room of Rachel and Jose’s recent explosive fight.

While Rachel and Jose were able to mend fences and seemed to get past the incident, fans were not as willing to forgive and forget.

Many expressed concern that Jose’s behavior during the couple’s fight, wasn’t just a one-time thing and was a red flag about how he would be in the rest of the marriage.

Fans went on social media to express their concern over Rachel letting Jose off the hook so easily. The comments ranged from concern about the couple’s future to throwing shade at Rachel for taking Jose back at all.

Although Jose apologized and promised the incident would never happen again, fans wondered the veracity of that, or if the fact that it happened at all, was a red flag.

While some fans criticized Jose, many others came at Rachel for taking him back and not taking the fight and lockout more seriously.

As Rachel revealed that the couple’s plan post-Decision Day was still to move forward with moving into Jose’s home together, fans clapped back. Many felt that if Jose was willing to lock Rachel out of their shared apartment, things might get even worse if they were living in his home.

Rachel and Jose’s big blowup

The fight the fans are referring to is the explosive incident that recently happened between Rachel and Jose, that culminated in Jose locking Rachel out of their shared apartment.

The fight started over Rachel accidentally calling Jose their costar, Johnny’s, name. Jose did not take it well and the couple’s apartment cam revealed an explosive fight between the two that escalated so much that one of the show’s producers stepped in to try to calm the situation. As Jose continued to yell at Rachel she tried to calm him down, but there was no peace in sight as the fighting continued.

The fight culminated in Jose “accidentally” locking Rachel out of the apartment, which caused fans to weigh in with plenty of commentary.

Jose continued to deny the lockout was intentional, but even his costars had some doubts about his story.

While Jose did eventually apologize to Rachel and she forgave him, fans weren’t as quick to let the incident go. Was the fight just a one-time thing, or are there more Rachel and Jose blow-ups to come?

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.


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