Should we expect more New Blood trailers?

Dexter New BloodDexter season 9 is going to return in the form of Dexter: New Blood on Sunday, November 7. Isn’t it easy to be excited about that? It’s still crazy to think that it’s happening given all the years there were whispers that a revival might be happening. It just never officially received the light of day until this new show surfaced.

Not that long ago around San Diego Comic-Con (the virtual edition), we had a chance to see a trailer for what’s coming. So is that going to be the only video footage we have a chance to see? That’s something worth diving into further here!

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Given that we are roughly three months away from the show premiering, there is a reasonably good chance that we’ll see some more video footage well before the show comes out. The real question here is just when that will be. We think in October, Showtime will give us something a little more substantial — think along the lines of a trailer that illuminates more of where Dexter Morgan is in his life and the trouble that could cause his Dark Passenger to return.

There’s also one other thing we’re anticipating at this point in a Dexter trailer: Deb. Since we now know that Jennifer Carpenter is coming back to the show, there’s no reason to hide that information from everyone. Instead, the series would be better off to just set the stage for what’s coming and get people excited. It’d be fun to see how producers are going to use her, especially in terms of whether or not she’s going to serve as a conscience a la Harry.

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What are you the most excited for when it comes to Dexter season 9?

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