Simon Cowell Burst Out In Love For His Son!! His Reaction Proves It All!!

Simon Cowell is often known has his incredible judgments in “America’s Got Talent” and other reality shows. The judge is pretty infamous for his exactingness. However, fatherhood completely changed him into a new person. 

Back in February 2014, his lady loved Lauren Silverman gifted Simon the best thing of his life. Simon Cowell was blessed with his son Eric. The adorable sight of his first child instantly melted Cowell’s heart, and the rude judge turned to a loving father. 

Before starting a new life as a father, Simon Cowell was extremely dedicated to his career. He spent several sleepless nights to tailor a fruitful career as a media personality and record producer. Simon is best known for his critical remarks as a judge of popular reality shows like “America’s Got Talent,” “The X Factor,” “American Idol,” and more. 

Simon Cowell’s Career Overview 

Simon Cowell was born on October 7, 1959, in a small town in England. With a heart full of ambitions, he stepped into the mailroom of EMI Music Publishing. However, later he decided to pave the way to a new career and became a talent scout and consultant. 

Cowell’s Controversial Relationship 

Simon Cowell is infamous as a playboy in the industry. He had his hands in many controversial relationships. In 2013, Cowell was alleged cheating his best friend. Simon and his best friend’s wife, Silverman, were caught sharing a close relationship, and ultimately, she got divorced and started a new life with Cowell. 

Magic Moment of Cowell’s Life 

Back in 2014, Silverman started a new phase of her life with Cowell. The couple gave birth to a lovely son, Eric. In an interview, Cowell referred to the time as one of the magic moments of his life. He was so overwhelmed at the birth of his first baby that the chief executive of the British Entertainment company offered luxury vacations to all the hospital staff. As per reports, Cowell gifted seven staff members of the hospital a luxurious trip to Barbados.


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Fatherhood cast a magic spell on Cowell, and the 61 years old television personality changed to a loveable dad for life. Showing his love for his son Eric, Cowell quoted, “I cannot imagine a life without my son. He is the most amazing thing that ever happened in my entire life. I adore him.” 

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