Simone Biles Shows off Ripped Abs in New Bikini Photo

Simone Biles is taking in as much of the sun as she can before the summer comes to an end. The multi-time Olympic medalist recently posted a bikini selfie on her Instagram Story. She was wearing a blue swimsuit and showing off her ripped abs (full photo here). This is one of the few bikini photos Biles has posted since returning from the 2020 Tokyo Olympics where she earned two medals.

Biles has had an eventful summer. Despite winning two medals, Biles was able to win in another way when it comes to Olympics. She withdrew from multiple events in Tokyo as she was dealing with the “twisties.” Biles took part in one event, which was the balance beam and earned a bronze medal. She also won a silver medal for the team event.

“I have been to the gym and did a little bit of working out,” Biles said in an interview with PEOPLE. “When I say work out, it’s very light. I’m enjoying my time at home and I’m happy to be back.” In the same interview, Biles talked about the work she has been doing with her coach Laurent Landi.

“I started doing a couple fulls and on the first one, it was literally like second nature again.” “It’s frustrating because I can do everything again. I don’t know … the stress, anxiety, the build-up or whatever happened, happened,” she continued. “Laurent kind of called it [in Tokyo], he was like, ‘The annoying part is we’re going to go home in a week or more. You’re going to go back in the gym, and you’re going to be able to do everything.’ I did a double-double (two somersaults and two twists mid-air) [back in Texas]; I mean, it was pretty low but so far so good.”

Along with her Olympic experience, Biles was also attacked by a dog where she needed medical attention. “German shepherds don’t play. I’ve grown up my whole life with German shepherds and never got bit. This dog at the farm just said NOT TODAY. Lol, I went to the doctor to get a tetanus shot,” Biles wrote in an Instagram story.

Biles has competed in two Olympic games and has won seven medals including four gold. The 24-year-old has also won 25 World Championship medals making her the most decorated gymnast of her generation.

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