Single teacher ‘marries herself’ at 28-years-old after ending engagement

A single woman has married herself in an unconventional ceremony surrounded by her closest friends.

Patricia Christine tied the knot in a “self-commitment” ceremony at the age of 28 on May 30, 2020.

She celebrated her nuptials just eight years after ending her engagement.

The teacher, from Sydney, Australia, spent weeks planning the event where she bought a wedding ring, flowers and a floaty.

In total her celebration just cost her $92 AUD (£49) where she picked up a bohemian wedding dress too.

She was determined to help women to know their own worth when she married herself in a show of self-love.

It was accompanied by nine close friends where she made vows to herself in a “emotional” ceremony that lasted 30 minutes.

It all cost her less than £50 to organise and it lasted half an hour

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Patricia promised to love herself despite the mistakes she made in life and committed to trusting herself to follow her dreams.

She said: “I wanted to defy societal expectations and show women that the most important relationship we have is with ourselves.

“We search our whole lives to make a huge declaration to another but we don’t do it for ourselves first.”

After the ceremony, guests celebrated with a casual picnic on the grass.

And Patricia documented her big day on Instagram with a series of posts that includes a snap of her diamond ring.

Patricia Christine on her wedding day
The teacher even bought herself a ring

She wrote in the caption: “I said yes… to myself.”

While the photos drew heartwarming comments from family and friends, not everyone was supportive of her decision.

Some comments “congratulating” her sarcastically left the newlywed upset but she has since made peace with it all.

Despite marrying herself, Patricia hasn’t ruled out finding a partner in the future.

She believes focusing on herself will make her more successful in love when she does find the right person.

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