Singles howling at bloke’s bonkers dating app response saying he makes girls ‘oink’

Dating is a funny business which can be fun and exciting, dull or even downright disturbing so it’s useful to be able to vet peoples profiles online before meeting up.

Whether you prefer Tinder, Bumble or Hinge you can quickly read how old your potential date is, their interests and look for any red flags in their bio.

Some unsuitable matches still slip through the net, but other more eccentric profiles make it loud and clear that if you match with them you’re in for a wild ride.

Such was the case for one singleton who posted on Twitter about the bizarre response one bloke submitted to a question on Hinge.

The poster, @_haaniyah_ , took a screenshot of the page and it quickly went viral.

On Hinge, single people are asked to fill in their answers to a number of generic questions and these are then displayed on their profile.

The man’s answer was unusual

In the snap, viewers can see that the man was asked to finish the sentence “I’m a regular at…”

He went on to state: “Making a girl laugh uncontrollably. I’ll make her laugh so hard she snorts like a lil piggy.”

He finished his sentence with the remark: “Oink oink girl, you mine now.”

Frankly, while the comment was probably a joke we have to agree with the majority on Twitter and say that it’s a bit creepy.

And, we hate the un-ironic use of the word “lil” – ew.

Over on social media, single women appraised the man’s response.

The bloke posted his reply on Hinge
The bloke posted his reply on Hinge

One person wrote: “This just reminded me I need to delete this s**t off my phone.

“Dating is hell.”

“This makes me wanna never laugh again,” added another. “What’s he going to do next, steal my face?”

And a third commented: “I feel Hinge is the worst of these dating apps.”

But, not everyone hated the guy’s answer.

One kind-hearted lady said: “This is cute to me.”

Some one send her his profile because they could be a match made in piggy heaven…

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