Singleton slammed over cringey Tinder bio that bans ‘ugly people’ from chatting

A Tinder user was slammed when singletons spotted her cringey bio.

While they say beggars can’t be choosers, a dating app user called “Queen Lilith” didn’t follow this rule.

She listed a long list of demands on her profile, which include banning “ugly people”.

Despite swerving singletons who “can’t speak English”, the woman’s Tinder bio was littered with spelling errors.

It reads: “Not Looking for Friends, NO HOOK UPS, No F*** boys, No Ugly People. Srsly u think u have a chance?? Stop it don’t swipe cuz I won’t.

“If u can’t speak English then don’t bother talking to me.”

The Tinder bio has gone viral for all the wrong reasons

Completely unfazed by who she may be offending, the lass concluded: “Ps. If I am too mean for u then KEEP WALKING”.

It doesn’t look like the singleton is going to find love anytime soon as Tinder users were horrified by her comments.

Screenshots of the bio were posted onto Reddit with the caption: “Does anyone know what she’s looking for?”

One user joked “a therapist” and another user suggested: “attention”.

Ouch, we’d have to agree…

This isn’t the only toe-curling Tinder bio to go viral in recent months.

Previously, a pregnant woman was slammed for looking for love on dating apps before her WEDDING Day.

Meanwhile, a cocky bodybuilder’s bio didn’t impress singletons.

And in other news, a woman was fat-shamed by a singleton who told her to ‘lose weight’ in vile dating app DMs.

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