Sir Rod Stewart says new album title is to show ‘even a strong man can cry’

Sir Rod Stewart has said the reason behind his upcoming album’s title is to convey the message that “a strong man can cry.”

The veteran rock star, 76, is due to release his 31st studio album, The Tears of Hercules, on November 12.

Speaking on Magic Radio for Prince’s Trust Day on Wednesday, he asked if the title was about Sir Elton John, as Hercules is his second name.

He said: “It was only recently I realized that his second name was Hercules.

“But I didn’t, I didn’t know and the reason for the title, it’s quite thought-provoking, but a strong man can cry and should cry if he feels necessary.”

The singer appeared on Magic Breakfast alongside his wife Penny Lancaster, who he has been married to since 2007.

They joined in on the show’s school-run feature and discussed their own experience getting their children to school in the mornings.

Sir Rod said: “It’s chaos; they’re never on time.

“I mean my son today, the 15-year-old, 15 minutes late today coming down and he comes down, and I was going to take him in the Lamborghini, ‘Dad you can’t take me in that, you’re not going in that dad.’

“It’s funny because the youngest boy loves it, ‘Dad pick me up in the Ferrari, or pick me up in the Lamborghini,’ he loves it, but the eldest one hates it.”

Lancaster, a Loose Women star and model, also discussed how she took on eight months of training during the lockdown period to become a Special Constable for the police and is now out patrolling the streets once a week.

She said: “I did it initially as a TV show a couple of years ago working with the Peterborough police and I love the experience so much and what’s lovely about working with charities is, as Rod said, it’s that sense of giving back and feeling how lucky we are, we want to do something, but it never feels enough.

“Somehow, working with the police, you feel like you will make a difference every day if it’s tangible, you have got your feet on the ground, you are interacting with the public, you are dealing with whatever comes your way.”

However, Sir Rod admitted he worries about her while she is working, adding: “I don’t sleep, I don’t sleep when she’s out on the beat. Until I know, she’s safe in the car.”

Rod Stewart with their wife Penny

The couple appeared on Magic Radio on Prince’s Trust Day to raise awareness of young people’s issues across the UK, especially since the pandemic.

The Prince’s Trust is a charity that supports young people aged 11 to 30 across the UK who are facing severe issues, such as homelessness or legal trouble.

The station will also have other famous faces for The Prince’s Trust Day, including other charity Ambassadors Rob Brydon, Craig David, Joanna Lumley, Konnie Huq, and Harry Redknapp.

The full interview will be available on Magic Radio on October 6.


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