Sister Wives: All The Low Points In Kody Brown’s & Meri’s Relationship

Christine was the first wife to proclaim what she wanted out of her marriage. It wasn’t one moment, but many that led to her understandable frustration.

Christine Brown of Sister Wives said that she always knew she wanted to be a third wife. She thought that by the third wife, everyone was accustomed to the process and there would be fewer problems among the wives. She may have also thought that as the third wife, it could be that she would be the last wife. Unfortunately, neither of those things is what actually happened. She is unhappy in her marriage and seems close to her breaking point.

For many seasons, viewers expected Meri would be the one who left Kody first. Kody seemed done with his relationship and though Meri tried for a while to reconnect with Kody after her catfishing scandal, many think Meri is now over Kody. But by the end of season 15 of Sister Wives, Christine was so unhappy, she freely declared that she didn’t want to be married to Kody anymore. For Christine and Meri, it now seems like a race to see which one of them will hit rock bottom first.

Christine has already hit many moments when her marriage to Kody seemed in trouble, starting from season 1. When viewers met Christine, she was very pregnant. As Christine’s due date approached, rather than being by her side, Kody left on a trip to go visit his fiancé Robyn. She cried, wishing she could have her husband with her as she prepared to give birth, instead of knowing he was with another woman. But when Kody is around, it’s often not better. During quarantine when Kody and Christine’s daughter needed surgery, Kody selfishly suggested his teenaged daughter travel alone to have serious surgery. As her daughter started crying, Christine instantly became a protective mother and told Kody that was not happening.

The worst moments have come about when Kody decided to move the family from Las Vegas to Flagstaff. Christine plainly didn’t want to move. Her children and grandchildren were living in Utah and she didn’t want to move further from them. On top of that, she didn’t want to share one home, losing the sense of control she has when living alone. Despite all these reservations, Christine kept her mouth shut. She admitted to the cameras “I’m torn all the time, but it just comes down to I don’t want to rock the boat either and I don’t want my relationship with Kody to get damaged because of it.” The fact that she thought telling her honest feelings to her husband would damage their relationship and so it was better to just go along with something she didn’t want was a definite low.

Knowing about Kody and Christine’s wedding, makes people wonder why they even got married, to begin with. Kody said in the family’s autobiography that he thought Christine was overweight and he said he wasn’t attracted to her. He said he was disgusted seeing the way she ate. Why he even decided to marry her is unclear. Kody did say courtships and engagements tend to be quick in polygamy because the longer it draws out, the harder it is on the previous wives. In the unrealistic ideal of polygamy, jealousy is a minor inconvenience that women can overcome, though none of Kody’s wives have been able to demonstrate it. It seems rushing into the marriage is something both Kody and Christine regret now. If TLC brings back Sister Wives for another season, viewers will be watching closely for further cracks in the marriage.

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