Sister Wives And My 600-Lb Life: Did Kody Brown Steal From Dr. Now? – Look At This Cameo Scandal!

If you have been keeping up with Sister Wives, you are aware that Kody Brown has been using his Cameo account to try and make ends meet. It looks as if he has gotten desperate during these times and is now using some of the same promotional tactics as Dr. Now from My 600-Lb Life.

In fact, there are some fans that say that Kody is blatantly stealing money from Dr. Now! Dr. Now just made an Instagram post that he is giving a 25 percent off promotion to his fans for Cameos. Just a couple of hours after he started this promotion, Kody added the same one to his Cameo account!

Sister Wives And My 600-Lb Life: Did Kody Brown Steal From Dr. Now?

Apparently, the entire Cameo site is pushing a 25 percent off promotion right now, but Dr. Now actually started it well before Cameo announced it. This has some fans curious if Kody took a note from Dr. Now and decided to push this promotion, or did he just wait until Cameo announced it?

Some fans are skeptical of Kody since this seems like a shady thing that he would do, especially since he really needs the money right now. Dr. Now just wanted to push a special promotion for his fans since My 600-Lb Life is about to start again. We all know that Dr. Now probably doesn’t need the money that badly, right?

Dr.Now wanted to give his fans a good message at a good price and used a black and blue neon sign to announce the big deal. His fans were quick to start requesting Cameos from him. He was very happy to send them their way too. What is really bad about this situation is that Kody, not only stole the deal from Dr. Now, but he took the same exact picture that Dr. Now used too! He then added it to his Instagram posts to show his big Cameo deals too!

Is Kody that hard up for money these days? Why would he steal the same image from another TLC show mate? Perhaps he needs to step up his game to try and take better care of his wives and children or maybe he just wants the money to help escape from them. Who knows what he needs the money for, but you can bet that he will keep pushing this 25 percent off deal.

Be sure to get your Cameos from Dr. Now and your favorite cast members.

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