‘Sister Wives’ & Husband Kody Brown Aren’t Broke: 2021 Net Worths

Sister Wives appears to be coming back for Season 16 at the end of 2021. Though the Browns took a decent pay cut to keep the long-running series on TLC, the cash is still flowing. There had been some questions about the family’s finances over recent years. However, a recent article is sharing each main Brown member’s net worth. Looks like they are doing better than expected.

Sister Wives Financial Woes


Credit: TLC

It has been no secret the Browns have been over their heads financially on more than one occasion. Christine’s youngest daughter, Truely was sick as a baby so that left them riddled with medical bills. Then, the move to Las Vegas was a big change as they no longer lived in one polygamist-built home. They took on four homes in one cul-de-sac. When Kody got it into his head they had to leave and move elsewhere, it was not a buyer’s market. This left them with four unsold homes.

Additionally, when Meri approached her family about investing in her bed and breakfast, they were hesitant. The other wives and Kody want a clear business plan before they could give her a large sum of money. In fact, it seemed they did not have that kind of money to invest. Moreso, Kody was adamant they become equal partners. This led Meri to find the down payment on her own.

Once the family moved to Flagstaff, they purchased the land of Coyote Pass. Before it could be built on, each wife needed a place to live. Robyn was somewhat forced into buying her home while Christine purchased right off the bat. Meri and Janelle rented but Janelle’s home was just sold. She chose to live in an RV on Coyote Pass and just recently, Christine decided to put her home up for sale. All the while, Kody owed back taxes on a home and the land. So, are they broke or faking it?

How Much Are The Browns Worth?

Credit: TLC
Credit: TLC

All the wives, with the exception of Robyn, have been very vocal about their work. Both Christine and Meri sell LuLaRoe while Meri still has Lizzie’s Heritage Inn. Christine also has a legal company called CBrown Quest, LLC.  Janelle obtained her real estate license in Vegas and now works in the health industry. She runs Strive with Janelle and sells Plexus with her daughter, Maddie. Fans can also catch Janelle and Christine on Cameo.

InTouch checked with Celebrity Net Worth and this is what the wives are apparently worth. Robyn, who has My Sisterwife’s Closet still in progress, is worth 600K. Meri, the OG wife, is worth 400K. As for Janelle, who has worked for years and was always the business-minded one, she is also worth 400K. Finally, the third wife, Christine, is worth 400K, as well.

As for the patriarch, viewers often questioned what his job was and is. He has been on Cameo so find him there. Kody is also a salesman and his net worth is 800K. Are you surprised by any of this? Did you expect any to be lower or higher? Let us know in the comments.

Sister Wives returns to TLC on November 21st at 10 pm.

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