‘Sister Wives’ Janelle Brown Schools Fans About Dangers

Janelle Brown has really tried to take on a new lease in her life. The Sister Wives star has been utilizing the family land on her summer adventure. She has also experienced life off the grid. Additionally, Janelle took control of her health and body. The results have made her look years younger while keeping her closely connected to her eldest daughter, Maddie. Now, the health-conscious mama of six is attempting to help others see the dangers of unhealthy living. It appears she has a lot of valid points to back up her cause.

Janelle’s Sister Wives Weight Struggles

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Janelle struggled with her weight from the beginning of the series. Admittedly, she was the business-centric wife out of the four. She shared, from episode one, that she preferred to be working outside of the home. This left Meri and Christine to raise the children. Initially, Meri had a job but was let go when her lifestyle was revealed. Down the line, when the family relocated to Las Vegas, the wives chose their own different career paths.

Christine and Janelle got their real estate licenses, yet, Janelle was the only one to pursue a career in it. Robyn created a polygamist jewelry line which Meri contributed to. It is now defunct. Eventually, Christine and Meri went on to sell LulaRoe. This helped Meri purchase her bed and breakfast, Lizzie’s Heritage Inn.

During their time in Vegas, the family tried new business ventures but also attempted to get in shape. It sparked Janelle’s interest so much, she created Strive with Janelle. She became a certified Health Coach and will mentor people to become their best selves. Moreover, she expanded her brand upon moving to Flagstaff.

Get Healthy and Share Warnings

Janelle is taking more risks than ever before. Instead of playing it safe in real estate and business, she is coloring her life outside the lines. When her rental was sold, Janelle did not rush to find another. Rather, she got an RV and moved onto Coyote Pass. On top of that, she joined Maddie on her Plexus journey. The two now spread the word about how much they have benefitted from it. Physically, it is clear to see how great Janelle looks, especially on her face.

Earlier today, Kody’s second wife took to Instagram to share the dangers of soft drinks with her followers. She breaks down what happens to the body over an hour after consuming soda. It starts with ten minutes in and ten teaspoons of sugar. By the end, it is sixty minutes in and your body wants to crash.

Sister Wives Credit: Janelle Brown Instagram
Credit: Janelle Brown Instagram

Ultimately, Janelle believes soda, including diet soda, is a hidden addiction. There are other ways to satisfy cravings, people just need to take action. Comments are not allowed on the post. Would you heed the Sister Wives star’s warnings? Let us know in the comments.


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