Sisters adopt fake posh ‘London accent’ to eat at restaurants that ban travellers

Ever since My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding exploded onto Channel 4 a decade ago Brits have been fascinated by the world of travellers.

The lavish parties, squeaky clean caravans and dramatic fashion captured the nation’s minds – but not everything in the life of a traveller is glamorous.

Instagram and TikTok stars the Mac Sisters revealed that the community often faces discrimination.

Caitlin, 18, and Lizzy, 20, offer a coveted look into the life of a traveller on their channel – and they recently shared the worst thing that’s happened to them as travellers.

Lizzy told The Sun: “So for me the worst experience was, going into a restaurant and as soon as we get to the door, not even into to the door, they just come to the door and said: ‘You’re not allowed in we don’t serve travellers’.

“They said they can just tell by the way we look and the way we’re dressed and then Caitlyn just goes to them…”

The duo have hundreds of thousands of followers

Caitlin jumped in and spoke in a posh London accent, she said: “Oh sorry Sir, well obviously we were born in London, we don’t even know what travellers are.”

They added: “And they were like: ‘Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry! Just that there’s loads of travellers that live around here’.”

Lizzy noted that her sister is great at accents, but hates that they have to pretend to be something they’re not to go out to eat.

Caitlin commented: “We have been treated like dirt. People will call us names as well, like P*key, Dosser, T*nker, G*po, and Knacker – but we are just humans.”

They also added that discrimination makes it difficult for them to lead normal lives.

Lizzy said: “Even if we have pre booked, some restaurant owners won’t let us in because we are travellers.

“And it’s really difficult, if you ever want to throw a party or hire a venue for a wedding, because a lot of places think there is going to be trouble so will say no.”

The pair have racked up over 435,000 followers online who love glimpsing inside the usually private world of travellers.

You can follow them on Instagram, @caitlinkmac, and , @lizzymac0, or on TikTok, @themacsisters.

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