Six explosive things Thomas Markle might say in Big Brother

MEGHAN Markle’s estranged brother Thomas Markle has entered the Celebrity Big Brother house in Australia – and is likely to speak about his royal half-sister.

Meghan could be braced for fresh embarrassment and controversy as Thomas may reveal family secrets on the show, which airs later this year.

Thomas Markle Jnr has branded his half-sister ‘shallow’ ahead of starring on Big Brother Australia
Thomas Markle Jr shares the same father as Suits actress Meghan


Thomas Markle Jr shares the same father as Suits actress MeghanCredit: Getty

Ahead of entering the star-studded house, he told viewers: “I’m Meghan Markle’s brother. I’m the biggest brother of them all.

“I told Prince Harry, I think she’s going to ruin your life. She’s very shallow.”

The window fitter has previously hit out at Meghan in the press, dubbing her a “phony”, a bully, and a “jaded, shallow, conceited woman.”

But here are six explosive things Thomas may speak about in Big Brother…

How Meghan is a ‘bully’

Meghan’s half-brother has claimed she has ‘bullied people before and got her way, no matter what’ – and the Duchess has “shown her true colours”.

He said he and his family believe she is a “changed person” in an interview with Bild after the latest teaser clip of Meghan and Harry’s upcoming interview with Winfrey was released.

The 30-second snippet features Meghan accusing the Royal Family of “perpetuating falsehoods” and telling the interviewer “there’s a lot has been lost”.

And Thomas, who shares the same father as Meghan, told the German newspaper the “sensitive young woman” making claims against the Royal Family isn’t the half-sister he knew.

“I think it’s showing her true colours that none of the family recognises,” he said.

“She has changed as a person.”

How Meghan pretended her family didn’t exist

Thomas claims he got in touch with Meghan through a lawyer to ask for help on how to deal with suddenly being thrust into the spotlight after news that she was dating Prince Harry broke.

However he was shocked when Meghan, who grew up with Thomas, apparently claimed she didn’t know him.

Tom told In Touch magazine at the time: “My lawyer had a phone meeting with her lawyer, and he emailed me some of her direct words.

“She said, ‘That’s distant family and I don’t know those people.’ That’s pretty harsh.”

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The ‘hurtful’ secret details from Meghan’s infamous letter

Thomas warned there could be more “hurtful” details from the infamous letter the Duchess of Sussex sent to her estranged father.

The “private” letter which Meghan sent dad Thomas Markle in August 2018 has sparked a high-profile privacy case at the High Court.

Thomas has claimed the letter includes contents that he describes as “horrifying” and “very hurtful”, according to the Mirror.

How he blames Meghan for him not being able to get a job

While Meghan is now living in her £11m Santa Barbara mansion, life has been a little different for her brother.

He previously said he had been living in a hotel room in Oregon – after losing his job, his home and being unable to find anywhere else to live.

He believes his name has become so notorious no one is willing to hire him or lease a house – and he blames his run of bad luck on being forced to live “under a microscope” with no help or support from his royal sibling.

In an exclusive interview with Sun Online, he said: “This is the lowest point of my life.

“And it’s all because my life suddenly got catapulted into the spotlight – through no fault of my own.

“My every move has been put under the microscope – not just for me but all my family.”

“It’s tough to accept – especially when I never asked for any of this.”

How he found out about Meghan’s pregnancy in the press

Thomas Markle Jr said he thought it was “really sad” he and other family members had to find out about Meghan’s pregnancy in the media – and thinks the monarch should now step in and tell her to make amends with her estranged American relatives.

“If she has one ounce of human kindness or humanity left in her heart – which I know she does –  she should give it to my dad,” he told Sun Online.

“He is heartbroken about this whole situation and everybody knows that if it wasn’t for him, she wouldn’t be where she’s at today. She owes him that for sure.”

How Meghan isn’t the right woman for Harry

Thomas has written to the Duchess since – in one explosive letter even calling her “fake” and advising Prince Harry not to marry her.

Meghan isn’t his only target. 

He has also come for her husband, Prince Harry. “As more time passes to your royal wedding, it became very clear that this is the biggest mistake in royal wedding history,” Tom wrote in a letter to the royal. 

“Meghan Markle is obviously not the right woman for you.”

Her half-brother even wrote a letter to the Queen saying his sister was a “danger to the royal family” and their wedding should be halted.

Meghan's half-brother has claimed she has 'bullied people before'


Meghan’s half-brother has claimed she has ‘bullied people before’Credit: Toby Canham – The Sun
Thomas Markle Jr said he thought it was "really sad" he and other family members had to find out about Meghan's pregnancy in the media


Thomas Markle Jr said he thought it was “really sad” he and other family members had to find out about Meghan’s pregnancy in the mediaCredit: Toby Canham – The Sun

Previously, half brother Thomas begged for end to family feud and says she’s only a royal thanks to her dad.

We shared how Meghan Markle’s estranged half-brother wins celebrity boxing bout and dedicates win to Duchess of Sussex and baby Archie.

And Thomas Markle Jnr previously said he hoped Meghan’s new baby would heal the family rift.

Thomas Markle Jr slammed the Duchess of Sussex as he entered Australia’s Big Brother VIP house

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