Sixth-Grader USA Mullet Championship Winner Pledges Winnings To Charity

Kids Mullet Championship

A thoughtful sixth-grader has pledged his winnings to charity after coming first in a national mullet championship.

11-year-old Allan Baltz, of Jonesboro, Arkansas, earned himself the top spot in the 2021 Kid division of the annual USA Mullet Championships by almost 900 votes, beating out an impressive array of young mullet growers.

Allan rocks a seriously cool mullet, but most of all, he’s very kind-hearted, and has opted to give his $2,500 prize winnings to a very good cause.

Speaking with Wave 3 News, Allan’s mother, Lesli Baltz, outlined some of the difficulties her son has already faced in his young life, including being taken into their home as a foster child at the age of just four years old.

His story, to that point, was horrific. In addition, he has a rare genetic syndrome (X-linked Opitz G/BBB Syndrome) that affected development of the midline of his entire body in utero. He has all of the associated symptoms with abnormalities in his brain, heart, larynx.

Allan has already undergone three surgeries, as well as ‘countless hours of therapy’ in a bid to improve his speech and motor abilities. Growing an eye-catching mullet has given Allan the opportunity to help out others in turn.

He is also the most emphatic human I know. He has a ridiculous mullet now, and when he realized a mullet contest has a cash reward, his first words were ‘If I do it, then I can give the money to kids in foster care.

The boy we adopted through foster care instantly wanting to give back … no thought of what he could get for himself by winning.

Speaking with AY Mag ahead of his big win, Allan said:

Mom told me that a lot of people said ‘please let your son do this’ and I was like ‘no,’ but when I found out there was money that I could win, I decided to give that money to foster care.

I used to be in foster care, and I know how their hearts feel about not having a family, not having what they need like food and someone they can love.

A heartwarming video shared to Facebook by Officer Tommy M Norman shows Allan’s face light up as he learns he’s won the contest, scooping 25,178 votes. Allan can be heard telling his mum that he feels ‘happy’ before offering his thanks to the mullet director.

A very well done to Allan Baltz!


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