Skittles Is Bringing Back This Iconic Flavor After An 8 Year Hiatus

Skittles fans, listen up! Mars Wrigley has announced some pretty big news about their popular mix of colorful candy.

The company has decided to kick it old school and bring back its original flavor lineup that Skittles had when the product first launched back in 1979—orange, lemon, lime, strawberry, and grape.

No More Green Apple

Back in 2013, Mars Wrigley pulled the lime flavor from the Skittles mix and replaced it with green apple. According to People Magazine, the company made this decision after the green apple flavor outperformed lime in taste tests.

From time to time, the lime flavor has returned for a limited run. And earlier this year, they introduced the special edition all-lime pack. Now, the green apple flavor is no more, and the lime is back in the mix permanently.

Restored ‘To Its Full Glory’

In a press release, Mars Wrigley said that bringing back the lime flavor and resurrecting the original flavor lineup will restore Skittles “to its full glory.”

“Green Apple has had a good run, but the fans have spoken and it’s time for lime to return to the rainbow,” Wrigley Senior Brand Manager Fernando Rodrigues said in a statement. “What better way to bring better moments to our loyal fans, than with the return of the most asked about flavor? The joy of Lime can’t be denied anymore. It is back. This time for good.”

The Product Rollout Will Take Time

The lime candy will be part of both the original and sour Skittles flavor mixes, and the new flavor mixes are already starting to pop up in stores. However, the national rollout for the flavor switch will take a few months. So, you might not see it on your local store shelves until closer to the end of the year.

Skittles fans may have been calling for Mars Wrigley to bring back lime and restore the original flavor lineup. But according to a survey, green apple wasn’t the least popular flavor of Skittles.

When the brand celebrated the 30th anniversary of the iconic tagline, “Taste the Rainbow,” in 2019, a survey of 2,000 Skittles lovers conducted by a third-party research firm found that the least popular flavor is the lemon.

According to the findings, only 6% of Skittles eaters favor yellow. But it doesn’t look like Mars Wrigley has any plans to switch out that flavor anytime soon.


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