Skydiver shocked after realising instructor she was strapped to was wearing ‘arrest Fauci’ helmet

A woman who decided to go skydiving and says she was shocked to later discover that the instructor strapped to her was wearing a helmet that had “arrest Fauci” written on it.

This phrase is often used by right-wing critics of the US’s top infectious disease doctor and chief medical adviser to President Joe Biden’s research and advice on Covid-19 prevention and vaccination is flawed.

In a since-deleted tweet, Tracy Sefl, a communications strategist, and consultant for Democrats, took to her platform on Monday to discuss the moment.

“I literally put my life in this guy’s hands, and we all loved him, but I didn’t read the writing on his helmet until… you’ve got to be f***ing kidding me,” she wrote.

After the tweet was seemingly removed shortly after posting, right-wing journalist Jack Posobiec managed to get a screenshot of the original tweet and re-shared it with a question addressed to Sefl.

“Hi @tracysefl! Why did you delete this?” he wrote.

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As a result, this prompted many people on the right to pile in.

“I can’t tell what’s a worse self-own: that she tweeted it or that she deleted it,” someone wrote.

“It’s almost as if… maybe we shouldn’t judge a person’s character based solely off of their beliefs…” another added.

Posting another tweet, Sefl wrote, “Anyway, be kind,” which was met with a response from someone supporting her: “It’s funny that this lady is now attacked for having an opposing view by people who constantly complain about being targeted for having opposing views.”

Check out some other responses below to the whole ordeal.


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