Sleepy cat returns to doctors’ waiting room daily despite attempts to remove it

A doctor’s surgery in Lewisham has attracted a furry visitor that can’t seem to stay away.

Despite the best attempts of patients and staff at Lee Nightingale surgery, the cat won’t keep its paws off.

Photos show a cat in a waiting room nestled on a seat.

There is a sign beneath the mystery moggy, which reads: “We are aware that the cat is frequently in the health centre and we do all we can to remove it, but it comes back every time there is an opportunity to do so…

“Please do not touch the cat, and if you do, then you will do so at your own risk”.

The cat first made headlines back in May, but pictures of it resurfaced on Reddit this week.

What a little cutie…
(Image: REDDIT)

Since pictures of the cat were posted online, they garnered more than 4,000 likes and a thousand shares.

The situation has patients divided about what to do with the cat.

One person said “Those poor people that have never visited and are really allergic to cats”

But another commenter admitted “I would definitely touch the cat.”

A note was left about the mysterious moggy
(Image: REDDIT)

And another agreed: “Similar to the deal at my old therapists office, the cat did a better job for my mental health than the doctor.”

Perhaps the cat was there looking for a cat scan…

So should the cat stay or go? Don’t forget to let us know in the comments below.

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