SNL fans think Kim Kardashian’s mom Kris Jenner ‘bombed’ as she flubbed lines in cameo on iconic comedy show

KIM Kardashian made her Saturday Night Live debut over the weekend, but fans are talking about her mom Kris Jenner’s “really bad” cameo.

While appearing during a courtroom skit, the 65-year-old momager had trouble with her lines and seemed to completely “bomb” the role.


Kris Jenner made a cameo during Kim Kardashian’s Saturday Night Live hosting debut over the weekendCredit: NBC
Kim hosted a courtroom TV show as her sister Kourtney Kardashian, and Kris appeared as herself


Kim hosted a courtroom TV show as her sister Kourtney Kardashian, and Kris appeared as herselfCredit: NBC

With Keeping Up With the Kardashians now over, the SNL joked that the famous family has a new show coming out called The People’s Kourt, with Kourtney Kardashian – played by Kim – as the judge.

Both Khloe Kardashian and Kris made surprise cameos for the skit, but only the latter appeared to struggle with her script.

She was there to “sue” her daughters Kylie and Kendall Jenner, both played by actresses, for two very different reasons.

The Kardashian-Jenner matriarch was taking legal action against Kylie for still being pregnant and not yet popping out her second baby, while she was suing Kendall because she never has any drama.

Both of these issues, Kris said, we costing her mom, and she was not happy about it.

As Kris worked to get her lines out, fans noticed she often stumbled or took long breaks between sentences, seemingly unsure of where to look or if it was still her turn to read the cue cards.

Overall, KUWTK fans loved Kim’s hosting abilities, but they did make sure to point out her mom’s shortcomings and told her to “stick to her day job.”

One viewer tweeted: “There were some funny skits. I actually laughed a little at the People’s Kourt skit. Kris bombed tho.”

Another wrote: “People’s Kourt: This skirted on the edge of Wario badness, but the performances salvaged it somewhat for me (and the cheap laugh of Kris badly going up on her lines).”

A third said: “The People’s Kourt #SNL sketch was good, but Kris was really bad. 

“Kim is doing well and yes this got me to watch SNL for the first time in years.”

According to TMZ, Kim called some of her comedian friends for advice before hosting, including Dave Chappelle, 48, Ellen DeGeneres, 63, Amy Schumer, 40, and James Corden, 43.

Despite her lack of comedic experience, many fans were impressed with Kim’s performance Saturday.

She also made headlines by introducing herself as “Kim Kardashian West” during an SNL teaser – despite her ongoing divorce from husband Kanye West.

A source had told the Sun that she was reportedly planning to “roast” him on the show, and she did end up referencing him multiple times.

During her opening monologue, she targeted Caitlyn Jenner, 71, and Kayne by joking that she was getting political and running for president.

Kim mentioned: “I know we are divided as a country but I would love America to come together.

“That’s why I am running for… just kidding guys, I’m not running for president. We can’t have three failed politicians in the family.”

The mom of four said she “married the best rapper of all time,” but she “divorced him” because “it came down to just one thing: his personality.”

Fans slammed Kris for 'bombing' and flubbing her lines during the skit


Fans slammed Kris for ‘bombing’ and flubbing her lines during the skitCredit: NBC
Khloe Kardashian also made a cameo during the courtroom sketch


Khloe Kardashian also made a cameo during the courtroom sketchCredit: NBC
Kim Kardashian’s SNL debut featured Amy Schumer, John Cena, Chris Rock and more celebrity cameos in wild episode

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