Snooker Player Refused To Fist Bump Opponent – Turns Out They Were Exes

A video from a snooker game in England has gone viral that’s being touted because of the ultimate ‘battle of the exes.’ A player named Reanne Evans was pitted against Mark Allen during a British Open snooker match.

While the match in itself was very hard-fought, it had been the start that caught everyone’s attention. Before every match, the players always greet one another. However, things changed during the COVID-19 pandemic when this transformed into a fist or elbow bump.

Similarly, this happened within the video also. However, Evans snubbed Mark Allen when he approached her for a friendly fist bump.

The bitter moment was caught on camera and shared on Twitter by a sports journalist named Rob Maul.

Take a glance.

The caption said, “Proper edge between the 2 players at British Open as Reanne Evans refuses the pre-match fist bump of former partner Mark Allen.”

Interestingly, the 2 of them were during a relationship a few years back that led to 2008. They even have a 14-year-old daughter together. The present relations haven’t exactly been cordial between the 2 such a lot in that it’s now affected their equation on the snooker board.

For obvious reasons, the video went viral not just on the microblogging site but on other social media platforms. Till now, it amassed 1,65,500 views with 109 retweets and 530 likes. Fans of both the players got into a heated debate about who behaved properly and mentioned old stories to prove their point.

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