Social Media Managers: Who Are They and What Do They Do?

The growth of social media in the past few years has made it evident that it is one of the most useful platforms for companies to promote their products and services, also it is an efficient way of communicating with their customers.

Who is Social Media Manager?


The individual who is expected to track, add, filter, calculate and otherwise direct the presence of a brand, product, person or entity on social media is referred to as a Social Media Manager. Social media managers are commonly located within major corporations ‘ communications and public relations departments.

In other words, they are in charge of representing an organization throughout every social media channel, basically, they are the voice of the product/brand. Social media managers help in the growth and development of the company with the aid of social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Even though 10 years ago there was no such role in any organization, today the value of social media manager is more than anyone can comprehend.

What Do They Do?

Implementing a marketing strategy one of their main tasks apart from which they also

  • Determine the frequency of posts that an organization must post on social media platforms and is also accountable for replies.
  • They help in the development of the identity of the brand. They show the customer why your brand is unique, they help the organization connect with its customers.
  • They have good knowledge of organic traffic, influencer marketing, and paid advertising which can prove to be extremely effective for the growth of the brand name.
  • They responsible for ensuring that all the pictures (profile, team photos) visually match the brand
  • They are responsible for engaging with customers, which means they are required to listen/read, engage and respond to their customers throughout every social media platform. This always tends to increase sales and revenue.
  • Social media manager needs to understand the problems and frustration of followers. It allows them to understand how fans can be turned into customers.

What Responsibilities Do They Shoulder?

Being a social media manager is not as easy as it sounds and that is because being a social media manager is more than just being active on social media and posting on behalf of the organization. There is much more to that, listed below are a few of the responsibilities that social media manager shoulders

Setting Up Clear Objectives

Social media managers are responsible for setting up clear and realistic goals for the organization and identifying the factors that hinder the growth of the organization such as

  • Insufficient traffic on the website
  • Poor brand awareness
  • A decrease in customer retention rates
  • Decline in sales
  • Weak reputation on the internet

Web Development

It is a known fact that visual content in websites tends to have a lasting impression on the viewer. Thus, it is important that the organization must be consistent with their branding.

Skilled web creation is essential for the effective promotion of your content. With your content, you need to maintain a portal where consumers and prospects can visit to learn more about your goods and services, and where search engines can crawl to offer more authority.

Quality Content

To know what kind of content to put out, it is vital to understand the target audience. Asking important questions helps in understanding the target customers

  • Describe the clients you’re addressing. What are their desires, their fears, and their expectations? How do you help them with the material you publish to make a buying decision?
  • Don’t ignore those not in-market followers. How can you make the interaction interesting with them?
  • What’s it about your business that makes it special, that people want to buy from you? A detailed response to that question will help you in understanding the organization better.

Promotion and Engagement Strategy

There are a number of social media companies that create engaging social media campaigns. Social advertising like Facebook Ads is a very useful resource for getting the message heard. Facebook advertising is not similar to traditional advertising. They vary in content, positioning, and targeting and are viewed much more cheerfully when done correctly. Social media managers are also required to listen, respond, ask questions and engage the audience. Careful consideration should be given to how the manager responds to organic (non-paid) leads which appear in your posts comment section.

Hiring A Social Media Manager


It is known that a decade an ago there was no role of a social media manager but today the importance of one is too much to fathom. Almost every company uses social media to advertise their products and services. Organizations can hire a social media manager online, it becomes easy to find candidates for the role but here are few things that the HR must keep in mind while hiring a social media manager

  • Their style and personality should match the brand
  • Hiring managers who are young has an advantage as trends keep changing, younger hires are usually always up to date with the new trends
  • He should be good at strategizing
  • Should review their social media accounts
  • Professionalism
  • Other complimentary skills


The role of a social media manager is easy in some ways and extremely challenging other ways, regardless of that, social media managers are proving to be a vital part of the company by helping them grow the traffic and by engaging with the audience which benefits the organization.

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