Social Media Predicts Super Bowl LVI Winner Ahead of 2021 NFL Season

The NFL preseason has kicked off and fans have already made their predictions on who will win Super Bowl LVI. took a look at what fans on Twitter are searching in terms of “Super Bowl 56,” “Super Bowl LVI champ” and “win Super Bowl 56.” When putting in those keywords, 200,000 tweets came up and were geotagged within the U.S to determine who America thinks will win the Super Bowl.

In February, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers took down the Kansas City Chiefs in Super Bowl LV. Led by Tom Brady, the Buccaneers could win it again, but the Chiefs show no signs of slowing down as they have either reached the AFC Championship game or Super Bowl the last three seasons. The Green Bay Packers are another team to watch. With Aaron Rodgers back at the helm, the Packers have all the tools to be Los Angeles-bound next year.

But in each season, there always seems to be a team that comes out of nowhere to make a run. The Dallas Cowboys have Dak Prescott back and could take over a weak NFC East. The Cleveland Browns, who won a playoff game last year, could take another big step forward this fall. Here’s a look at who social media thinks will win the Super Bowl.

Kansas City Chiefs – 18 States

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Nearly half of the country thinks Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs will win their second Super Bowl in three seasons. Mahomes is not slowing down, and with the Chiefs retooling their offensive line, it’s hard to bet against them. 


Tampa Bay Buccaneers – 14 States

The southeastern states believe the Buccaneers will run it back, especially with all 22 starters returning. Normally, that’s not the formula of winning a title, but based on what Brady has done in his 20-year career, nobody should bet against him.


Green Bay Packers – 4 States

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If Rodgers didn’t return to the Packers this season, no states would pick them to win. The Packers have reached the NFC Championship game the last two seasons and have the talent on both sides of the ball to get back for the third consecutive year. 


Baltimore Ravens – 3 States

The Ravens have won the AFC North two of the last three years and have won at least 10 games the last three seasons. If Lamar Jackson can stay healthy, the Ravens will be in the mix in January. 


Seattle Seahawks – 3 States

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Russell Wilson led the Seahawks in the Super Bowl win in 2013, and the team reached the big game again the following year. There have been a number of changes with the Seahawks over the years, but Wilson always finds a way to get his team to the playoffs. 


Buffalo Bills – 2 States

The Buffalo Bills reached the AFC Championship game because quarterback Josh Allen had an MVP-type season. In year four, Allen should continue to improve, which means the Bills will continue to rule the AFC East. 


Rest of the Field

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Pittsburgh Steelers – 2 States 

Cleveland Browns – 1 State

Tennessee Titans – 1 State 

Dallas Cowboys – 1 State 

Los Angeles Rams – 1 State


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