Social media users have fallen in love with a dog that looks like a cartoon character

An adorable and unique looking dog has left people amazed after his owner posted cute pictures online.

The rescue pup called Finley had floods of people describe him to look like anything but a dog, and we can certainly see why.

His appearance and features appear to be ‘animated’ or something ‘straight out of a Disney movie’.

Lots of people have taken to social media to say how much the dog looks like particular movie characters.

But Finley once didn’t look like a movie character. Bethany Wiley, from Fort Worth, Texas, USA, rescued Finley in March after he was found abandoned at a construction site.

His fur was matted, long and unrecognisable until Bethany took care of him and gave him a much-needed makeover.

His before and after transformation is incredible (Image: Bethany Wiley)

Now, Finley’s lovely features can be seen clearly, sparking conversations over who he looks like most.

His ears are so much of a statement that people think of him as a real-life Gizmo from The Gremlins film. Other people have said he reminds him of the Lorax or something straight out of a Disney movie.

Adoring Facebook users have been discussing which character he looks like. Most people vote on Finley being the real-life Gizmo. One user commented: “He looks like a cute gremlin. Do you feed him after midnight?” and another asked, “Does anyone else see Gizmo?”

Another said: “I have a hard time believing this is a real dog and not a cartoon,” and one said, “He is a Disney dog, when is the movie released?”

While other people have mentioned how he looks very much like a Pixar character, Grogu from Star Wars, a Muppet character or the pig in Moana.

People say Finley looks exactly like Gizmo (Image: Bethany Wiley)
People say Finley looks exactly like Gizmo (Image: Bethany Wiley)

Bethany, 26, said: “I absolutely adore how he looks. I’ve always thought he looks like a cartoon character, but people suggesting specific characters has been hilarious. Some of them I have never heard of or didn’t even think about.”


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Finley is not only photogenic but he also gets recognised in the street.

“We get stopped a lot and people love to take pictures of him,” Bethany said. “We even had a couple once invite us to eat with them when we were on vacation because they thought he was so cute.”

People can’t make up their minds on which character he looks like more

As a rescue pup, Bethany is uncertain how old Finley is or what breed he is, but he is around four years old and is thought to have a bit of Yorkie in him.

Bethany said: “When he arrived with us in March, he had a limp which we later found out was due to a break around his femur that was never treated and didn’t heal properly. He has had surgery since.”

Bethany said she couldn’t love Finley more. She said: “The night I picked him up he literally wrapped his paws around me and hugged me, and I knew at that moment that I wasn’t just going to hold onto him until he found his forever home, but he already had.”

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