Solar Opposites Season 3 Release Date, Cast And Plot – What We Know So Far

If the show’s previous production schedule is a reliable frame of reference, fans of “Solar Opposites” should expect Season 3 to premiere sometime between late January or early February 2022. Season 1 premiered in early May 2020 while Season 2 dropped on March 26, 2021. If Season 3 production goes off without a hitch, fans can binge an all-new series of Shlorpian adventures during that awkward lull between New Years’ and Valentine’s day.

Of course, some factors could throw off this timeline. Season 3 is going to be longer, with 12 episodes instead of the previous 8-episode roadmap that Seasons 1 and 2 followed. Furthermore, it’s difficult to predict whether or not rumored COVID flare-ups will slow down production in the future. Regardless, whenever Season 3 is available for fans’ viewing pleasure, you can watch it on Hulu.

Oh, and we almost forgot to mention: fans will also be treated to a super-not-so-secret Christmas bonus episode between now and the premiere of Season 3. It’s already been confirmed by Roiland and McMahan, although most fans “still don’t believe” them, the creators lamented in a recent interview with Inverse.

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