Someone dropped off a wine bottle to their newly engaged neighbor’s door

Someone decided to put forth a nice gesture and give their neighbours a bottle of wine to celebrate their new engagement – but the couple thought it was creepy.

The person in question anonymously posted to the Reddit thread, r/AmITheA**hole about their act of kindness not going over so well.

“I don’t really know them, but they put up a life-sized cutout board in their apartment window with balloons that said “HAPPY ENGAGEMENT,” they began.

So to congratulate the couple, the Redditor wrote that they decided to drop off a bottle of wine at their door with a note that said, “Saw your sign in the window, I don’t know you, but you look like a great couple; congratulations and enjoy the wine.”

The very next day, the couple took their cutout down from their window and complained “how creepy” the gesture was.

“[The] next day I saw they took the cutout down and the doorman (who’s pretty close with me) told me that the couple went to management to ask if they knew a (my name) on their floor and complained how creepy it was that someone would try to figure out which apartment they live in based on counting the window,” the Redditor said.

The Redditor further said that it wasn’t hard to find the apartment because they “live on the same wing,” which has three apartments with the same floor plan.

Towards the end of the post, the Redditor clarified “that the wing” they live on is L-shaped with an elevator at the end.

Anyone “within +/- 2 floors” could see the glittered sign with gold balloons “while waiting for the elevator because their apartment is right next to it.”

People in the post’s comments thought it was respectable of the Redditor to congratulate the couple despite not knowing them.

“Then why put up the sign? They wanted people to know, and you wanted to congratulate them. You did nothing wrong. Go about your day and hold your head high for being a good human!” someone wrote.

“They really need to get over themselves! What you did was a very nice gesture, and if I [were] the recipient, I’d be very grateful,” another added.

Someone else gave the Redditor some advice on how to speak to the neighbours.

“Go knock on their door and introduce yourself. Ask for the wine back,” they said, which prompted the Redditor to respond with the following: ”Lmao like ‘Hi I’m that creep who dropped off a bottle of wine as an engagement gift now can I have it back please?”

It seems as if it would be better to look but not engage in things with people who you don’t know, or it might be portrayed negatively.


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