Someone Unfurled A Huge Trump Banner At Yankee Stadium, And The Reaction Is Going Viral

On Thursday, baseball fans were met with an unexpected surprise at Yankee Stadium in The Bronx, New York. One ticket holder unfurled a massive banner that declared “Trump won,” referring to the former president’s lies about the 2020 presidential election results. Fans at the Yankees-Toronto Blue Jays game quickly noticed the banner and took swift action as soon as they saw it fluttering in the wind.

The banner simply stated that “Trump won” and that someone needed to “Save America.” Although fans were shocked by the political message at the sports game, they were ultimately not the ones to remove it. Yankee Stadium security guards swarmed the men responsible for the sign and confiscated it, removing it almost immediately after it was unfurled at the Major League Baseball game near a billboard advertising hot wieners.

Before the Trump sign was taken away, several audience members caught the banner on camera. There are several different angles of footage from Yankee Stadium showing the men displaying the sign before security guards ruin their fun by taking it away and confiscating it during the game.

Various people turned to Twitter to speak about the “Trump Won” banner at Yankee Stadium.

Max Goodman wrote, “A couple of fans at Yankee Stadium just unveiled a massive banner that reads ‘Trump Won Save America.’ It sounded like the entire crowd was booing until security confiscated the banner, which then resulted in a loud cheer.”

Another Twitter user named Lindsey Adler wrote, “Lots of booing here after some jabronis unfurled a “TRUMP WON” banner off the second deck. (He didn’t.).” Adler is a reporter who covers the Yankees, which is why she kept her fans abreast with an update only a few moments after posting her first comment about the “Trump Won” banner. She added, “Now we have extremely loud cheering as the conspiracy theory banner people are led out of the section by security.”

“There is a “TRUMP WON SAVE AMERICA” flag waving at Yankee Stadium. Yikes. a Rough night in the Bronx,” tweeted another concerned Yankee fan. Minutes later, he followed up with a comment that said, “Security has now escorted them out of the building.”

Trump was born and raised in Queens, New York. Nevertheless, he is no longer welcomed in his hometown and has since relocated to Florida to be with his supporters. New York has largely turned against Trump, which made the appearance of this banner in the middle of Yankee Stadium all the more shocking for fans of the game.

Back in 2018, Trump supporters launched another large Trump banner. That sign simply said “Trump 2020,” which was the forty-fifth president’s re-election campaign slogan throughout much of his single term in office.

An image posted to Twitter shows a white man trying to tear down the Trump banner. The man has jumped off of a seat to grab ahold of the bottom of the banner. Although the image shows the man trying to remove the banner before security was able to act, the man admitted: “I tried to take it down, but it wouldn’t rip.”

However, Trump supporters argued that they should be allowed to spread the banner’s message at MLB games.

“MLB decided to get involved in politics, can’t get mad when the fans express their opinion too.”

However, most people were happy that the banner was removed.

“Are we sure with the placement of this banner that they are not claiming Trump won the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest?”

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