Son Shares His Sweet Message to Father Fighting with Cerebral Palsy

When Stephen J. Wampler apologized to his son Joseph for not being able to throw a baseball, the young man created a heartwarming video dedicated to his dad.

Stephen J. Wampler has had severe cerebral palsy since birth. Still, having such a condition never stopped him from living his life as normally as he could.

In fact, Stephen is a proud husband and father to two beautiful children. He is also an inspiration to many as he empowers people through his foundation.

Recently, his son Joseph shared a video about his dad that went viral. His short clip dedicated to Stephen came after the dad-of-two apologized that he could not throw a baseball with him like other fathers.

To make Stephen smile, Joseph compiled photos of their happy moments together. Each snap captured Stephen being the best father he could be despite having cerebral palsy.

He captioned the post: “You’re enough! You’re enough! You’re enough!” Stephen’s reaction was priceless as his happiness radiated around the room.


Before his kids came into the picture, Stephen thought that he would spend the rest of his life in an institution. If not, he believed he would be under the care of his mother in their home.

However, Elizabeth entered his life and ended up being his wife and the mother to his kids. Elizabeth previously shared:

“We have been married for 25 years, have two kids who came to the world in the usual way. […] I’m happy that I got brave enough to get to know this magnificent human.”


Stephen, along with his wife, also built a foundation to share their blessings with others. The Stephen J. Wampler Foundation, founded in 2002, helps children with disabilities enjoy outdoor activities.

Porter shared a video of him as a goalkeeper for Feltham Bees on TikTok for his few followers to see.

The couple’s foundation has since sent thousands of children from all walks of life to camp. The foundation has a 2021 Camp Wamp Tour Across America this year, covering 30 states with 18 major stops.


Like the many kids the couple has helped, Rhys Porter, 13, also suffers from Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy and later developed epilepsy.

Despite the challenges that come with it, Porter still plays the sport he loves — soccer. He has since joined a local disability soccer team and hopes to represent his country in the league one day.

With pride, Porter shared a video of him as a goalkeeper for Feltham Bees on TikTok for his few followers to see. However, the video soon went viral and was met with mean and discouraging comments.

Naturally, the young boy felt sad and upset about words thrown at him. But eventually, he stood up for himself and received an overwhelming amount of support from family and friends.


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