Sonny Comes Back! Finds Jason And Carly In Bed Together?

General Hospital Two Weekly Spoilers are out. They reveal that Sonny will be back, and that will shake everything up at Port Charles. Spoilers for the week of October 20-24 reveal that Sonny will come back home only to find that Carly and Jason are now married. That will not only give him a huge shock, but it might also push him off the edge. Then, Peter is on the loose, and Nina will try to take care of him. However, Anna and Valentin will reach the spot, and it looks like a showdown is on the cards.

As we move into the week of September 27- October 1, General Hosptial spoilers suggest that Maxie will help Nina with something while Liesl will try to escape the hostage situation. Then Trina and Cameron will come together to take Esme down, but it looks like Esme will put up a fight. What will she do? Keep reading to know.

General Hospital Spoilers For The Week of September 20-24: Sonny Is Back

General Hospital spoilers suggest that Sonny will be back in Port Charles in the week of September 20-24. Once he comes back, the center plot will automatically shift to this comeback storyline. General Hospital spoilers suggest that Carly and Jason have already avoided the car bomb danger. So, they will be on their way to the reception. This will follow with a night at their home as a newly married couple. While the two of them will come closer, they won’t realize that Sonny is on his way back too. 

Spoilers suggest that Sonny will be in the clinic and insist that he needs to go home. Nina will try very hard to stop him, but it doesn’t look like Sonny will listen. He won’t care what the doctors have to say. Sonny will want to go back to life and family, and that will fuel him to leave the hospital. He will come back, but he will be shocked when he finds out that a lot of change.

Sonny will come back to know that Jason and Carly have got married. In fact, spoilers suggest that he might even find them in the middle of a make-out session or something like that. This will leave him taken aback. Not just Sonny, Jason and Carly will also have a lot to wrap their heads around too. 

The Peter Drama

Over at Nixon Falls, General Hospital spoilers suggest that Nina will take matters into her own hands. She will take it upon herself to take care of Peter. However, Anna and Valentin will not like this idea, and they will be on their way to Nixon Falls. General Hospital spoilers confirm that the two of them will hunt Peter down, and Anna will be the one to find him. This will lead to a heated showdown between the two of them. 

General Hospital

More related spoilers suggest that Nina will reach out to Maxie and tell her about the Peter situation. She might tell her how Peter was in Nixon Falls and could possibly be on his way to Port Charles. This will push Maxie off the edge. GH viewers know that Maxie is terrified of Peter, and the possibility of Peter figuring out that Bailey is Louise will be nerve-racking.

So, Maxie will start fretting about all of this. But, there will still be some hope. Anna will hopefully take care of Peter before he creates more chaos. General Hospital spoilers also suggest that Britt Westbourne will get some disturbing news. Does it have something to do with Peter, or is it something else? We will have to wait to know. 

General Hospital Spoilers For The Week Of September 27- October 1

As we move into the week of September 27, 2021, more Port Charles residents will come to know about Sonny’s return, and that will lead to different reactions. Brook will come to know about this through Josslyn, who will be elated that her step-father is back. Carly will also come to know about how Nina knew the truth all along but chose to keep it a secret. So, she will be furious. However, Maxie will help Nina navigating through that. 

While everyone in Port Charles deals with various emotions about Sonny’s comeback, General Hospital spoilers suggest that Liesl will join hands with someone. It looks like either Obrecht will meet someone or perhaps get reunited with someone. Either way, she will find someone to help her out of the captivity. Will she be able to make it out of wherever she is? Only time will tell. Speaking of Captivity, spoilers suggest that Drew will grow frustrated, and he will try to find a way out too. Could Liesl and Drew be at the same place? It is indeed possible. 

Back in Port Charles, suggests that Trina and Cameron will join hands to do some scheming. They will try to take Esme Prince down, but it looks like Spencer will go down too. However, Esme will not give up so soon. She will try to save herself and Spencer too. 

General Hospital

Rounding off the spoilers will be Austin, who will start working on the next part of his plan. GH viewers know that Austin is after the Quartermaine pie. So, he will work on that plan, and he will face a challenge. Scott Baldwin will be there to help him, but he might be distracted because of Liesl being missing. Liesl will try very hard to make it back home, but it looks like Britt might take things into her own hands.

What will Britt do? We will have to tune in and find out. General Hospital airs on ABC all weekdays. So, make sure you tune in and enjoy. In the meantime, will keep passing on all the updates. So, keep an eye on this space. 


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