Sonny Is Back, But Finds It Difficult To Connect With Carly?

General Hospital spoilers suggest that Sonny is back, but he is having issues connecting to everyone like before. The recent General Hospital episode saw Sonny and Carly as they spoke about Sonny sleeping in the guest room.

It feels a little odd of Sonny to do that. He was extremely excited to be with his wife. So, sleeping in another room and not with her feels a little odd. Could this be a sign that Carly and Sonny might have issues reconnecting?

Sonny And Carly Are Reunited

General Hospital viewers know that Sonny has returned to Port Charles. Until now, he was living as “Mike” in Nixon Falls, but he remembered everything in the fire at Tan-O, and now he is back with his wife and kids. When Sonny came back, a lot had changed. The biggest change was that Carly and Jason had got married. In fact, when Sonny met them, they were enjoying a close moment together.

General Hospital

Not only that, but Sonny also came to know that Jason had become a fugitive, and Carly took over the Corinthos organization. While we get that Sonny would need time to wrap his head around everything. The recent General Hospital episode revealed that Sonny and Carly did not sleep together the night he came back home. That is something that has caught many eyes.

After all, Sonny has been away so long. So, he might have been excited to be with his wife. Not just that, Carly should have been so excited to have her husband back that sleeping shouldn’t have happened at all. It just doesn’t make any sense that they would stay a night apart from when they have already been apart for so long. So, could there be some other reason why Sonny did not sleep in the same room as Carly? 

General Hospital Spoilers: What Is The Real Reason?

While we suspect that there could be a real reason why Sonny did not sleep with Carly, eagle-eyed fans have some theories too. Some fans suggest that the real reason for Sonny and Carly not spending a night together could be because Sonny had sensed that Carly and Jason have deeper feelings, and he wants to make sure that he isn’t overstepping. While Sonny loves being reunited with everyone, there is a possibility that he might still be feeling like an outsider.

Another fan suggests that it is possible that Sonny is still reeling from his feelings for Nina. GH viewers know that Nina and “Mike” had got really close when Sonny was in Nixon Falls. While he has been insisting that “Mike” has died, the truth is that Sonny remembers all those close moments he had spent with Nina, and he might be having a hard time making peace with that. There are a lot of ways Sonny and Carly’s storyline can go from here. We will have to wait to see what really happens. 

Not only Sonny, reports that Carly is also struggling with her feelings for Jason. So, would Carly and Jason be able to find their way back to what they were, or will their relationship evolve in the upcoming days? We will have to wait to see. will keep you updated with all the news about the soap as it surfaces. So, stay tuned. 


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