Spider-Man: No Way Home Costume Art Reveals Doctor Strange’s Impact

Though the success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe may have changed things, the most recent data on the subject suggests that Spider-Man is the most profitable superhero in the world

Some of Spidey’s financial mastery can be attributed to the many films that he has headlined (with Tobey Maguire first portraying the lead role, then Andrew Garfield, and now Tom Holland in the MCU). But the real secret to his success is all the merchandising. Spider-Man’s vibrant red, white, and blue color scheme and charming personality have made him a global market behemoth. How fitting then that the most new information about the upcoming Marvel film Spider-Man: No Way Home comes from retail leaks?

Back in mid-July, the world got its first look at a brand new black and gold Spider-Man costume thanks to a barrage of toy reveals. Now some merchandising material for Spider-Man merchandise has emerged that takes things even further. While Spider-Man’s black and gold costume suggested a mingling of Peter Parker’s science and Doctor Strange’s (Benedict Cumberbatch) magic, these new images confirm them. Take a look below to see what we mean.

Well, it doesn’t get more clear cut than that. The first promo image posits (not incorrectly) that “Science + Magic = Awesome”. The second one promises a satisfying “Magic with Thwip” experience. Those photos are accompanied by two new posters that feature Spider-Man’s iconic logo superimposed over one of Doctor Strange’s magical portals, ancient runes and all. Some of the items bearing these images are currently available on Amazon. The Spider-Man: No Way Home News Twitter account uncovered a whole host of revealing merchandise as well. That crop is particularly spoiler-y so we won’t embed, but check it out over here if you so choose.

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