Spirit Airlines Employee Shares Piles Of Trash Left On Flight In TikTok

Spirit Airlines is known for a lot of things: cheap flights, some cancelations, and, perhaps most notably, the occasional unruly customer. But a viral TikTok might offer insight into why some Spirit employees are really fed up.

In the video, posted by @dc5_chris, an apparent Spirit employee, two people are seen vacuuming a dirty aircraft. Crumbs, coffee cups, and plastic wrappers were strewn all over the floor.

“This is why Spirit employees don’t care about the people who fly,” he wrote. “You people disgust me. Fuck them kids.”

Of course, a dirty plane is just one inconvenience that Spirit employees have had to deal with recently. According to a recent Insider article, employees were once required to do “mandatory overtime due to irregular operations” and also have to help pacify passive-aggressive customers. Last week, a woman smoking a cigarette on a Spirit aircraft had to be forcibly removed from the plane.

Still, many people who viewed @dc5_chris’s video were disgusted by the lack of cleanliness on the plane.

“This is all entitlement. No courtesy,” one person wrote. “The parents are worse for not correcting their child. If the child is like that, imagine the parent.”

“USA is so spoiled they’re afraid to teach etiquette of any kind,” said another. “This is why we don’t get legit public transportation.”

At press time, the video had been viewed 3.6 million times.

The DC has reached out to Spirit Airlines and the TikToker.

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