Spoiler Alert: In The New Episode of Welcome to Plathville, Ethan Gives Olivia A Huge Scare

The new episode of Welcome to Plathville is on tonight and it looks like it’s going to be another drama-filled episode. This time, Ethan will be giving Olivia a huge scare after he leaves a suspicious note on the door. Keep reading for Welcome to Plathville spoilers.

Welcome to Plathville Spoilers

Ethan and Olivia Plath have been having some very rough times on Welcome to Plathville. Last week, Olivia revealed she has moved out of the house to give Ethan space. She wants him to figure out what he really wants and if he can accept her.

On tonight’s episode, Olivia has to go back to their shared home to get some things. Apparently, going to the house isn’t something that is pleasant for Olivia Plath.

“While I miss Ethan I don’t really want to revisit the house,” she admits.

Not only was that bad enough for her but she is greeted with something that scares her. Ethan has left a note on the door for Olivia and its contents aren’t good.

“After reading the note I was pretty concerned because he didn’t seem okay. It was just him telling me he was taking off for a while and needed some space,” she says about the note from Ethan.

Apparently reading this was pretty rough on Olivia.

“As I’m reading Ethan’s note I feel a whole bunch of different emotions,” she says. “He didn’t tell me where he was going or what he was doing. Which is okay. But, it’s such an un-Ethan thing to do.”

Olivia seems to be at a loss during this episode of Welcome to Plathville.

“I just really hope he’s safe,” she concludes.

What about the rest of the episode?

The episode tonight is full of Welcome to Plathville drama and fun. Olivia needs to get away from life for a bit so she, Helena, and Moriah Plath go on a girl’s trip to the beach together where no boys are allowed.

“How are you and Ethan doing,” Moriah asks during the car ride to the beach.

“Eh,” Olivia responds.

She goes on to say that right now she isn’t trying to even talk about Ethan at all.

“I’m being very intentional to not bring that up,” she admits during the episode.

All of this is to protect Ethan and how people think about him Olivia reveals. She says that she would say things she regrets and may not mean. However, whoever she told would always have that idea of Ethan and she doesn’t think that that is fair.

“If I talked to people about Ethan I would say things I would probably regret later,” Olivia reveals.


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