Springer Spaniel Finley accidentally learns adorable trick from Amazon Alexa

Most dogs know what ‘walkies’ or ‘treat’ means, but one clever Springer Spaniel has even learned what the alarm on his owner’s Amazon Echo means.

Finley’s owner sets the alarm each night so that they know when their dinner is cooked – and the Spaniel soon cottoned on to the daily routine.

Despite never actually being taught this trick, each night when the Amazon Alexa alarm sounds, Finley does the same thing every time – get straight into his bed.

The pup – who has more than 16,800 Instagram followers – knows that his parents make him get into bed when they eat, and now does so without being asked when the device signals it’s time for tea.

The springer lives with his Sussex Spaniel sister, Marcey, and cat called Beemo, with both dogs showing off their trick training skills in their Instagram highlights.

The Amazon Alexa has taught Finley an adorable trick

In a TikTok video viewed more than 124,700 times, his owner explained: “He knows our Alexa timer going off is when our dinner is ready, so he goes to his bed.”

In the video, the alarm sounds as Finley’s owner calls out ‘Alexa, cancel’. At the same time, Finley slumps from the sofa, trots over to his bed and gets himself comfortable.

Now, their followers have been sharing tricks that they unintentionally taught their dogs, and much like Finley, they soon cottoned on what small everyday signals meant.

One said: “My husband picks up the keys to lock the door at night and little miss goes to her bed.”

“My lurchers go to bed when they hear the Xbox shut down,” said another.

A third wrote: “My girl goes to her bed when my afternoon alarm goes off to do the school run.”

Another spaniel, named Wren, likes to sing to the sound of her local church bells at her home in Lincoln.

The three-year-old Cocker Spaniel was coming home from a Sunday morning walk when she sat down on the pavement and began to ‘sing’.

A member of the church even came out and said she should join the service, much to owner Tony Frow’s surprise.

Whilst Spaniels are known for their intelligence – they do have their silly moments, like Cooper, who managed to lose his stick even though it was right next to him.

The footage showed Cooper jumping and barking excitedly next to the water, urging Alex to throw the stick that he had in his hands. He leaps into the water as the stick travels through the air, only for it to splash right next to Cooper. And the pup didn’t have a clue.


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