Squid Game Merch Now Available On Netflix’s Online Shop

Fans of Netflix’s Squid Game can now get their hands on some official merch as the streaming giant just added a collection inspired by the show to their new online Shopify-powered store.

The horror series/drama centers around cash-strapped people being invited by a shadowy organization to a macabre contest at the chance to win a life-altering sum. However, things take a dark turn when the contestants realize they will also lose their lives should they fail to succeed in one of a series of schoolyard-inspired games.

It’s the kind of show that excels at what many great works of fiction do — generate sympathy for characters we once thought villainous and see our loyalties be challenged when a character we once thought was on the side for good does something despicable. A certain player 456 just barely ekes out as a protagonist that is ethically strong enough for us to get behind by the end of the show, though there are certainly times where he makes morally dubious decisions as well.

You can now sport a T-shirt brandishing “456” to really show your fandom to the character or show and a lot of other hoodies and shirts with neat designs and iconic photos from the vivid and colorful global smash hit based in South Korea.

We’re just a little sad that Netflix didn’t help us further complete our cosplaying checklist with the absences of the iconic teal jumpsuits the players wear or the magenta hooded uniforms the masked soldiers sport. Guess us Squid Game enthusiasts will have to get creative at the nearest fabric store before making any appearances at a Halloween get-together this year that will surely be flooded with the aesthetically pleasing characters from the show. Nevertheless, you can check out Netflix’s Squid Game official merch line up here.


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