Squirrel fills man’s pickup truck with 42 gallons of walnuts

A squirrel filled a man’s pickup truck with 42 gallons of walnuts after using it as his winter storage area.


Bill Fischer, from North Dakota in the US, explained that he has repeatedly seen the red squirrel climbing onto his vehicle as it was parked outside his home and discovered that the animal was filling the truck with a substantial amount of walnuts from a tree in his garden.

Fischer told WDAY-TV: “A lot of places, in the radiator fan, all the way through here, that corner has been covered full with walnuts. It was planning on camping there for the winter.”

The man said that he has removed walnuts from various parts of his truck but is still unable to reach some.

Fischer shared: “I had to pull the fenders off and clean all the walnuts out, and I thought I had them all and took it down the road, turned the corner and found one rolling inside the windshield where the wipers go.

“I have some rolling around the frame rails wells, as well, that I can’t get at.”


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