Stargirl Season 2: Arrowverse’s New Green Lantern

Stargirl Season 2 Updates: The Arrowverse is getting a Green Lantern as Stargirl season 2 finally introduces Jade, the Golden Age Emerald Knight girl. One of The CW’s new additions to the DC TV line-up is Stargirl, which centers around Courtney Whitmore and the Justice Society of America’s coming generation.

As the Injustice Society of America took out most of the original team, Courtney took herself to resuscitate the JSA with new fresh blood taking some well-known DC mantles. Yet as Courtney went through the JSA brownstone collecting the old heroes’ outfits and gear, one of them turned out to be a Green Lantern power battery.

While fans never saw him dying on-screen, the battery was Alan Scott, the Golden Age Green Lantern, who was an important member of the original JSA. Regardless of Stargirl season 1, which is not doing anything with the power battery, the innovative team had guaranteed fans that there would be a result in the next season coming, particularly as the Green Lantern ring was absent.

After waiting for over a year, The CW released their first trailer for Stargirl season 2, revealing the next Emerald Knight. Ysa Penarejo, who had been cast in a mysterious role back in 2020, was affirmed to play Jade, as Alan’s daughter demonstrated in the trailer.

Jade is one of the new characters appearing on Stargirl season 2, however for the Arrowverse, her addition is very significant. After all the Green Lantern prods on Arrow and The Flash, Stargirl is the first Arrowverse show on The CW to investigate a side of the cherished mythology appropriately.

While the mainstream audience won’t be as acquainted with Jade as Hal Jordan or John Stewart, she has almost existed in DC Comics since September 1983.

Stargirl Season 2: Green Lantern Jade’s Comics Origin and Powers Explained

Jade, also known as Jennifer-Lynn Hayden, is Alan’s two children; she also has a twin brother named Todd Rice, who works as the superhero Obsidian. When Alan’s wife, Rose Canton, who was his previous villain Thorn, was pregnant, she was almost worried that the children would get hurt because of her evil persona.

Rose gave Jade and Todd for adoption, and they were separated at law when the two foster families raised them. Jade found that she had a brother, and they were the Green Lantern’s children. They tried very hard to join the JSA yet were rejected, so they framed Infinity Inc, which comprised other JSA sidekicks and offsprings.

Regarding Jade‘s powers, she was born with supernatural energies that Alan had already been exposed to all through his superhero career. This gave Jade the power to deliver green energy, like how Green Lanterns develop their energy. Moreover, this made Jade to be born with green skin and green hair.

Jade had likewise inherited a portion of her biological mother’s abilities, which permitted her to manipulate plants. She likewise had a telepathic link to talk to her twin brother Todd, in a restricted limit. Not at all like the Golden Age Green Lantern, Jade doesn’t have to recharge to accepts her abilities since she was born with them.

Stargirl Season 2

How Stargirl Season 2 Introduced The Original Green Lantern

Stargirl season 1 didn’t waste time suggesting the Golden Age Green Lantern, with the pilot showing the JSA’s last battle against the ISA. While Alan was never found in the flesh, his green flame energy was detected everywhere in the mansion as the heroes were losing.

Ten years after the original JSA fell, Courtney took Alan’s power battery with her to purge the brownstone. The pictures that exist of Alan are the JSA group photograph and his banners in the headquarters. Despite being dormant, the power battery was seen lit up a couple of times in Stargirl season 1, indicating that it wasn’t out of juice completely.

However, as Pat clarified how hazardous the power battery is, he stressed that it was futile without the ring, as he didn’t get to know anything happened to it after the Injustice Society killed Alan. The Arrowverse iteration has so far been questions about the bigger extent of the Green Lantern Corps and how Alan got his ring and battery.

That may be a question in Stargirl season 2 finds to appropriately answer it to help set up how the Green Lantern mythology will be working in this universe.

Arrowverse’s Version Of The Green Lantern Jade

Up until now, there is almost a very little thought about Penarejo’s Arrowverse version of Jade in Stargirl season 2, outside of the shots from the new trailer. The main glance at the power ring comes when it starts glowing up in an obscure location.

However, it appears that the whole Jade has had the power ring, as the trailer sees her going to Courtney’s home, where they have a showdown for some reasons. It’s reasonable to speculate that Jade came to recover the power battery as the trailer closes, taking her and telling Courtney that she is Green Lantern’s little girl.

While numerous Arrowverse viewers most likely would be anticipating that Arrow’s John Diggle should be the first Green Lantern on The CW, Stargirl season 2 will currently beat him. It’s fascinating that a different DC TV show that uses Jade as HBO Max’s Green Lantern series will include Alan as one of the lead characters, played by Jeremy Irvine.

Maybe that is why Alan was killed off because of the HBO Max show using the Golden Age Green Lantern. However, as Stargirl season 2 brings up Jade into the Arrowverse, it will be quite exciting to watch The CW’s first Green Lantern in action and how she fits within the JSA.


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