The Bold and the Beautiful: Steffy’s Ready To End Her Marriage

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for August 23-27 reveal Steffy coming home to a scene she never expected to see. Is her new marriage already on the rocks and who is to blame?

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Steffy Forrester vs. Sheila Carter

Sheila (Kimberlin Brown) has something to hold over Jack Finnegan’s (Ted King)  head — he is Finn’s (Tanner Novlan) biological father. He and Sheila had an affair and he agreed to adopt his own child as long as Sheila stays out of his life. This week, Sheila tells him to come clean about that with Finn in his life and make sure she can be a part of Finn’s life. Jack is afraid to reveal all, so he bends to Sheila’s will and convinces Finn to see Sheila despite his promises to Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood).

So, for some reason, he decides to invite Sheila to Steffy’s own house when Steffy is away on a quick business trip with Hope (Annika Noelle). When she returns, she is stunned by the scene she sees. Sheila is in her living room holding her baby. This can’t be. How could Finn betray her like this? Not only did he go back on their promise, but he allowed that woman to hold her child. Could this spell the end of her new marriage already?

Quinn Gets Shocking News

Now that Eric (John McCook) and Quinn (Rena Sofer) are back together, Quinn wants her marriage to be the way it was. However, Eric has something very personal and shocking to tell her and she may not be prepared to hear what he has to say. Does he have a physical problem some fans have suspected he has? Meanwhile, Carter  (Lawrence Saint-Victor) is back in his apartment missing Quinn and missing her portrait. He’s not a very happy man as he feels like he lost everything. First, it was Zoe (Kiara Barnes), and now it’s Quinn. How does he always manage to become the odd man out?

Will he be able to stay away from Quinn? Will she be able to stay away from him? Did everyone make a big mistake when Eric decided he will forgive Quinn of all her sins and take her back into his life? It looks like Quinn will begin to realize that grave error this coming week.

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